SRK! I need advice on a 5.1 system

It’s for gaming specifically Xbox 360, but perhaps PS3 (Blu Ray movies) and music as well.

Also I’m looking for -maybe- ipod connectivity as a nice bonus, but not required.

Has to be at least 5.1.

it would almost have to be a wireless system. It is for a small room in an apartment.

I’m open to advice, suggestions. I’m on a moderate budget I would say, about 500$ or maybe a lil more. I’m looking for the most bang for my buck.

How much preference do you have towards HTIBs?

Because I bought one of these HTIBs for my 360 back in December. At the time it was only $99, so I don’t know if they’re still around at that price. I’m not an audiophile, so this actually works great for my small room. I don’t know any serious audio guys who have this (obviously) since they probably have something better.


I’m a little torn here. I have a Klipsch 2.1 setup for my computer and a good friend of mine has a Klipsch 5.1 and both sound awesome! I’ve had my setup for quite a few years now and it still sounds great. I was going to recommend the 5.1 setup to you but it seems the new Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 has some reliability issues. People claim they sound great…when they’re working. I know the speakers are good, I think the amp they used was bad.

There is also a package called the Klipsch Synergy Quintet which is just 5 of their speakers (looks like the ones I have) for $250. So, you would need a receiver and a sub…scratches chin somehow under $250. Curses!

^ Not helpful.

There are 2 options for this. You can either get, a more real home theater setup. Which is the receiver, with the 5.1 surround sound connecting to it.

Or you can get one of those logitech systems where everything is already linked together, but there is no receiver, and its the standard 3.5mm output only. But they do have a game adaptor that allows you to connect your stereo A/V cables. Look up ones like the Logitech x-540 or the Z-5500.