SRK Dungeon Fighter Online: Female Gunner June 12


Offline thread to be later uploaded when I get home.

Where do you guys meet?
Go to
Nickname: SRK recognizable user name
Channel: #srkdfo

Who is who in IRC and the SRK in-game guild?

What is Dungeon Fighter?
Dungeon Fighter is a free game that is derived from elements found in a fighting game like Street Fighter, a beat em up like Streets of Rage, and an RPG like Diablo 2. The feel of the game will depend on what class you choose to play and you can use your arcade stick to manually shoot “hadoukens” or use the hotkey system like Starcraft.

**Here are some links you should be aware of **(also these sites have a few errors, so consult others before making your character):
DFO wiki:
Skill Planner:
Official Nexon DFO site:

SRK DFO players also meet in the #srkdfo irc channel on the server:

How do I start?

  1. You go to the official Nexon DFO Site (Internet Explorer is suggested for best compatability) and click on the large red button that says START GAME. The game will automatically start. If you do not have the current DFO installed then it will install and patch and start the game.
  2. If this is your first time playing, you will have to CREATE a character in order to play (if you do not have a Nexon id then you will be asked to create one as well in order to access Nexon games), which leads us to the next question.

Which character should I start with?
Your initial choices for characters are:
Female Gunner (June 9):
Thief (tba):

If you click on and scroll down a little, you will see that all Mages start out with access to certain skills. At level 18, all characters can choose a class advancement, and when you advance you get access to a ton of new skills.

When a character advances its class, the stats it receives per level change. It also receives access to a ton of new class specific skills, including a new armor mastery. You should be aware of which advancements exist, as you should create your character based on the advanced class you want, which vary greatly.

Lets look at a Mage for example, which can advance to:
Battle Mage:

Generally speaking and greatly oversimplifying, the Battle Mage is a melee type, the Elementalist uses strong elemental attacks, the Summoner summons stuff, and the Witch uses probability based skills. In addition, looking closer, a character within each advancement can vary greatly.

Lets look at the Witch for example. The Witch not only has a myriad of diverse skills, but the skills are also divided into four elements. Generally, before making a Witch, most choose two element masteries to focus on that supplement their skills, which depend on what you want your character to do. For example, if you melee you should get a dust, if you want to crowd control and debuff monsters you get skills like shururu and manteau, etc.

Okay, so I read all that stuff, so how does each character play, I still don’t know what to choose!
Before I go into the advanced classes, you have to understand that some skills’ damage is percent based on the weapon, some are purely fixed and do damage based on the skill and don’t use your base weapon damage, while some are a combination of both percent and fixed. If you’re new to DFO, you might want to start with a fixed damage character. With gold, weapons can be upgraded and percent characters take advantage of over-upgraded weapons, while non-upgraded weapons for percent characters are just balanced and not overpowered. Quest rewards give decent items, so don’t be discouraged to make a percent based character.

You also want to determine if you want to be pure PvE (optimized to clear dungeons), pure PvP (optimized to win against other players in the arena), or a hybrid (decent at both PvE and PvP but not as good at PvE as a pure PvE and not as good at PvP as a pure PvP build).

SELECT THE CHANNEL BASED ON THE DUNGEON YOU’RE DOING! If you’re doing Mirkwood in Grand Flores then select the Grand Flores channel.

Offline thread to be posted later which details specifics, along with videos that show why DFO is so pringles and awesome.

Reserved part 3

This is the data of SRK members that play DFO, inclusion into the in-game SRK guild requires active character use and using SRK doesn’t mean you have to join the SRK guild, you can join any guild on DFO you want. Following the list is a list of non-SRK members in the guild. If your data is missing or incorrect then please reply in this thread. I’m going to include some data from past thread.

Active/Inactive will be placed next to SRK user name to denote members currently taking time off from DFO.

SRK: bee (active)

SRK: akumatrunigga (active)
IRC: akumasan
DFO: DekaYellow (female ranger), Akumasan (exorcist), Takumasama (nen master), MorganSt (witch), AbaRanger (weapon master), BanditArme (mgunner)

SRK: Alexlexus (active)
DFO: alexlexus

SRK: Anakron (active)
IRC: Anakron

SRK: Anisakis (active)
IRC: Anisakis
DFO: Anisakiasis (crusader)

SRK: ArcticFahx (active)
IRC: AFahx
DFO: ArcticFahx (priest), ArcticFahxy (fighter)

SRK: ArtieBoy
DFO: MysticCat (slayer)

SRK: Avion
DFO: Avion (monk)

SRK: Azn_Boy

SRK: BEWD (active)
DFO: Teppu


SRK: blackjack223
IRC: bjack (spelling + variations)
DFO: KouUraki

SRK: Ceirnian (active)
DFO: FinestKO, WiiFit, Magezilla

SRK: clue2025 (active)
IRC: clue2025
DFO: Rikael (slayer)

SRK: Cryoh
DFO: Letz

SRK: diskenth

SRK: DMystic (active)
DFO: Kaitenris (asura), Lerrana (female spitfire)

SRK: DominoLogic (active)
IRC: dominos
DFO: jayomega, Lolibeats, Lagna, GahnFrame

SRK: Dubh13 (active)
DFO: Sublol

SRK: ElderGOD (active)
IRC: ElderGOD, ElderAFK, ElderSys
DFO: ElderElement (elementalist), ElderFighter (nen master), GaiaAwaken (summoner), ElderSlayer (soul reaper)

SRK: Elements (active)
DFO: Criticalwave (weapon master), Mangosmothie (elementalist)

SRK: EmblemLord (active)
IRC: ELord
DFO: DarkChalice (slayer)

DFO: PeterD

SRK: ezekial45
DFO: (priest)

SRK: thefloyian (active)
IRC: floydian
DFO: imij

SRK: Fudd (active)
DFO: Keloz (monk)

SRK: FuzzieLogik (active)
DFO: FuzzyLogik (male ranger), Shouoken (striker), JoDeleon (monk/infighter), ChainRevolvr (female ranger)

SRK: HellMUT (active)
IRC: HellMuT
DFO: Utsuhou (elementalist), Moel (grappler), Tatsumiya1 (spitfire)

SRK: I Am Lothar (inactive)
DFO: preptime / preptime3 / preptime4 / preptime5

SRK: jae hoon (inactive)
DFO: KimJaeHoon, Cilencia

SRK: JedahZero (active)
DFO: Zhakar (exorcist)

SRK: Juri Han (active)
IRC: Juri
DFO: OverlordChan

SRK: k4polo (active)
DFO: Mistess (nen master/blazing flower)

SRK: Koenigg
DFO: Haggin (exorcist), Thundathighs (grappler), Otonari (mlauncher), Lolipauer (summoner), KikouShoryu (striker), BlendDammit (soul bender)

SRK: KomboKaze (active)
IRC: KomboKaze
DFO: iKontrol

SRK: kro (active)
DFO: PumpkinSpam (elementalist), AkashiYuna (female spitfire), BatteringRam, LoliJesus

SRK: Kromo (inactive)
DFO: Kromo / Drlolicon

SRK: Lifeless
DFO: BluMary, Depression, YukuzanAnji, IvanIsaacs

SRK: LiftedResearch
DFO: Lychee

SRK: LittLeLives (active)
IRC: LitLLives
DFO: IllBiteYou (slayer)

SRK: MagnetoManiac (active)
IRC: MagMan
DFO: VigorForce, RagedBeast, AimPrecision

SRK: matrixmatt
DFO: mschepo

SRK: monkeyspank
DFO: neomagus (soul bender), excaliuber (weapon master)

SRK: MonoTekETeA
DFO: (priest)

SRK: mooyang90 (active)
DFO: Mooyang (female ranger)

SRK: Mr. Big (active)
IRC: Ghostpilo
DFO: Azraeth (crusader), Glantree (grappler)

SRK: Mr.Noodle (active)
DFO: DoctorJ (crusader), MrNoodle (striker), RollCancel (nen master/blazing flower), HungryHippo (grappler), GiantYoshi (fgun), GiantHippo (fmech)

SRK: MURPHAGATOR! (inactive)

SRK: mzenken (active)
IRC: mzenken, zenken
DFO: MissZenette (witch), wattsYJDK (striker)

SRK: Neesa (inactive, lost pass/email, get on it nexon)
DFO: Conjure, Pantys

SRK: Nematoad
DFO: (fighter)

SRK: Nephtall (active)
IRC: Nephtall
DFO: SacredMercy

SRK: Nerull (active)
DFO: Sevothtarte (exorcist), Tharoth (monk/infighter), Nerull (elementalist), ProfFether (soul bender), CuteDeadGirl (witch), Zomboid (brawler/street fighter), Tsathoggua (crusader), Mazohyst (mranger), DrTarr (asura)

SRK: orochi1017 (active)
IRC: Dai_
DFO: DaiAndOh

SRK: Pacifist
DFO: (striker)

SRK: pwnagemachine

SRK: Quivitar
DFO: Danneskjold

SRK: Reth (active)
IRC: R3th
DFO: Reth (monk), R3th (exorcist)

SRK: rogueyoshi (active)
IRC: Al_ngbc, kof2012, rogueyo
DFO: Rowy (battle mage), GDLKMechanic (mechanic), Kagaho (soul bender), StaredownCat (summoner)

SRK: Rubedo (active)
DFO: GhdRubedo (striker), GlanzfaustR (monk/infighter), Ryuzetsu (weapon master), RougeHajile (gunner)

SRK: rugi
DFO: lavakkk

SRK: Ryusuke
DFO: Ryusuke

SRK: savaii64
DFO: savaii64, shinkenshiro

SRK: Shin Oni (active)
IRC: ShinOni
DFO: Shinzetsu (weapon master), PPKK (grappler), ShinOni (soul bender), 13lastin (female spitfire)

SRK: Sigmae (active)
IRC: Extent
DFO: Extent (battle mage), Intent (berserker)

SRK: Silent Shinobi

SRK: SixMachine (active)
DFO: TwoInchPunch (striker), Kikoken (nen master), MegaWoMan (fgun)

SRK: SmoothCP
DFO: Ultras, ReAga

SRK: Spirit Juice
IRC: sprtjce (spelling?), JulyZerg

SRK: Stanman (active)
DFO: Takezo (berserker)

SRK: synix09 (active)
IRC: Kurii, Kurii`
DFO: Bananaya

SRK: Syxx573 (active)
IRC: Syxx, Syxx-
DFO: Landra (witch), AlreadyHurt (brawler/street fighter), HoneySmacks (battle mage), Lisel (elementalist), CookieCrisp (summoner/gaia), JamSession (nen master), SurfNinja (berserker), Rumpthumper (grappler/dervish), Homeschooled (striker), Spazfire (spitfire), TyphoonValk (launcher), HeatPackin (fmechanic)

SRK: TerrorAP2
DFO: TerrorAP2, TerrorAP1, Terror8K, TerrorEF9

SRK: TheDarkPhoenix (active)
DFO: Dannyrand, Msmarvel, Bigirononhip, thxuwondaman, afrosamuri, yooogafire, mtyson, lilmagento, exosquad, toxicrusader

SRK: Torn Apart (active)
DFO: Zeppeli (monk), xOOKAMIx (fighter), xSILVERSTARx (female gunner)

SRK: VariantX
DFO: VariantX7

SRK: vegavak (somewhat active)
IRC: vegavak, vegasys, mjulnohzk
DFO: vegavak (mechanic)

SRK: WaInut
DFO: Squishy7

SRK: WonderTonic (active)
IRC: TonicJr
DFO: Babuu

SRK: Worthless
DFO: Serdara

SRK: wrrza
DFO: Catastrophia

SRK: wyze

SRK: yeb (active)
IRC: yeb
DFO: Yebeatings (striker), Yebber (weapon/blade master)

SRK: ZeonTheUnborn (active)
IRC: PplsSpoon, ZeonUnborn, Zeonis
DFO: DreadJokerX (soul bender),Tricksh0t (gunner), TekkamanEvil (slayer), DeadlyRave (fighter), IXAburst (priest)

reserved part syxx

I was surprised to find this here in FD when I was trying to find the fighting game comedy thread. But yea a lot of pvp is basically a fighting game. You have to approach it a bit differently since you are adding a extra dimension to move around. Since probably the most important thing in the game is the position of you character and your opponent.

But yea I’m in the srk guild and if anyone wants to hit me up in game my ign is TwoInchPunch and Kikoken. I’ll be willing to help out new players or have matches against you if you want.

i’ll prob be on dannyrand, mtyson or yoogafire sometime this evening. The srk guild is pretty meh atm… but im on almost everyday.


Get HYPED. I stealing those reserved spots, hahahaha.

I join the SRK guild shortly sometime after launch under the name Mistess.

uh yea…I haven’t popped on since I joined the guild a few weeks back. I was trying to hold out till wed to hop back on but with a dead TV, may have to actually play later…

oh shit i thought it was june 9. june 12th?? i don’t think i can wait that long, too hype

edit : main page says june 9

lol it is june 9th…

Might want to add these class showcases:

warning, watching those will get u hype for every class then you will want to make every class… gulp

It is the 9th, the title on irc channel I set is correct. Got trolled by thread title haha. I think it was my fault too, not Vega’s. :rofl: I need to pay attention to which channel/PMs I’m posting numbers in haha.

Nice so we will a crap load of fem gunners on June 9th rofl

oh snap son, DFO in FGD

get hype

i’ll probably get on on the 9th to play for the first time in months

My friends HellMuT(from above) has a great channel for the Korean version of the game.

Awesome channel to look at to see the Korean pros at work.

I’ve never even heard of this. Guess I’ll give it a try, not like I have anything to lose.

im trying to get excited about this game again. i have a level 26 soul bender to fool around with, i just dunno exactly what im doing and im just revisiting this game.