SRK Closure Statement and Statistics Request

Can we please have an actual official statement from shoryuken admin on the real reasons that SRK is closing, why previous money making opportunities such as premium membership are not being used, including statistical information, such as how many members currently online, how many daily visits, how many daily posts, etc.

To many people this place is treasured, it’s been a social home to many thousands of people who have lived almost two decades posting, making real friends and even official relationships. People have raised money for charity, they’ve donated to people and their relatives who have suffered tragedy and massive loss, people have gained the confidence to publicly come out as homosexual because of this place.

This is a family and has come as a shock to everyone, please tell us why this is happening, you at least owe it to the people who have kept this place alive for 18 years.

What you want is

join #capcom and then ask them directly. Good luck with all that.

Can you please make an official statement/poll ON THESE FORUMS. Twitter users are not your community. WE ARE HERE!

Did they actually do that?! I don’t even use social media!

Change the thread title to FREE MCRIBS COUPONS INSIDE and maybe then you’ll have your feedback.


Yeah, SRK is one of the 1st social media sites (back in 1999/2000)

WTF? SRK is going tits up?

You know what they say? All good things must…

snort snort

shut up and go back to sleep

I forgot this existed. Also where is my damn avatar… WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.

Some of the older avatars were lost in the many server moves we’ve had. :sad:

Is there is there a farewell topic anywhere?

As far as I’m aware the board will live on in some new form that people are working upon.

Feel free to chill at my new place in the meantime: :slight_smile:

So when are we actually supposed to be moving to Discourse?

will check it out.

its coming…