SRK, Canadian SF and the recruitment of new players

Hey guys!

Normally I don’t post these kinds of threads but I think with the release of Super IV it’s important enough to do so.

Most of you guys are probably play a lot online at home on the off hours when you’re not playing at someones house. With the introduction of Super IV’s new regional match making options I’m going to ask you all to please take the time to message players you meet online from Canada. Find out where they are from, spread the word about our tournaments. It’s OUR responsibility as a whole, as a community to spread the word about the good times, great games and the fun of playing Street Fighter to the world outside of SRK.

In the end, the more players there are aware about us, the bigger and better our tournaments are going to get. There are potentially hundreds maybe thousands of players we don’t know about simply because they do not know about us. So go out and spread the word!


I must say… the netcode for searching is so much better now… I regularly see green bar connections!

I play super 4 now alot. add it up!

Free advertising ftw!

i spam to every canadian i play online :slight_smile: