SRK Body Transformation Before/After pics - May 8 edition

This thread is for the before and after pics as well as your before and after stats…
The name and paper thing is optional.

Gonna add my pics this week.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about

Good luck everyone!

Current Stats 2009

Height: 5’8

Current stats 2009

Height: 6,0
Weight: 217 lbs

BF: ???

Looking at 3 gym visits a week(Monday, Thursday, Saturday). First week, I’ll start the jogging routine to build the motivation.

Current Stats 05-05-09

Height: 5’11
Weight: 235
BMI: 32.8 (obese :sad:)
my exercise room. thanks to craigslist for the cheapness.
my fat ass :rofl:

I am planning to be between 200-180 by the time this is done.


I cannot run because I broke my ankle and ruptured my tendons playing football on turkey day, so I will be using a bike or a tredmill with the incline all the way up. Eventually, I will be able to jog and run.


Starting low resistance and high reps (8x8s) for endurance. After 3 months, I will switch to higher weights and lower reps (5x5s) to build mass.


Lots of variations of crunches and a hanging bar maybe.


ON protein, NO Shotgun, and Multi Vitamins.

As of May 1st 2009 : – front view. – side view.

As of today. I’m skinny, but I’m also out of shape.

152 lbs

Here are my stats as of May 8, 2009

Height 5’9"
Weight 181 lbs
BF ~13%

Hopefully I’m not too late to join this. I’ve been gone all week so I haven’t had the time to upload my photos but I’ve finally got them all together now.

And one more of me flexing because I was bored.

I didn’t have time to take frontal and side views of myself, but i hope this ones are ok…

I’m 5’8 - 5’9 and my weight is around 145lbs.

Mostly I just wanna get ripped, and get just a little bit of volume.

height: 5’8"
starting weight: 190lbs




wt=alot :arazz:
my before yeah I know it’s the worse pic to take next to a skinny aZn girl.

lose weight!:sweat:

I don’t have a camera, but I’ve lost about 10 lbs since the start of this thing.

Thanks, cigarettes!*

*Not really

Hold on. Does it count if you already lost weight? I’m still trying to lose about another 7 lbs but I’m pretty much goal. Lemme find some of my fatties hehe

Edit: Seems like I only have one oldy
Before: Height 6’1 247
After : Height 6’2 182

July 2007



Sorry had to throw out Black in the Hat again!

Holy fucking shit… 65 lbs ago :
You can tell the majority of the weight lost by just looking at my face.
Stick to it guys! It has changed my life!

Pics or STFU.

Sorry, had to edit!

Let’s get some fucking visual updates.

I got some time untill the 8th.