SRK Biweekly SFV Tournament Thread

Registrations for the First AE Biweekly Tournament is open!!!
Sign up now!

The European Region Tournament will take place at Thursday, January 18th at 19:30 (7:30pm) GMT
The US/Canada Region Tournament will take place at Friday, January 19th at 19:30 (7:30pm) EST
The South America Region Tournament will take place at Saturday, January 20th at 19:30 (7:30pm) BRST

***All times currently displayed are placeholders. ***
They will change according to the players’ needs. If you need a reschedule, please post n the thread requesting for it. If all players agree to it, then it will be changed.

Brackets will be available at Challonge. The links will be posted as soon as registration closes.

Tournament Format

The tournament format is a double elimination format.
Each tournament’s bracket will be posted at the beginning of this post.


Registrations will happen throughout the week, but will be closed when the current week’s bracket is posted.

Players will be arranged within regional divisions to ensure playable matches.
To sign up for the Biweekly Tournament, post your CFN and Region here or on the Discord Server.

The Link for the Discord is:

Regional Tournaments will be made according to the number of players in each region. If players from a currently unrepresented region want to join, a new regional tournament will be open.


Simple stuff. As close to Offline rules as possible.

Matches are FT2. Except for Grand Finals, which will be FT3.
SFV’s Battle Lounges don’t allow players to switch characters mid-set. Therefore, players can only switch characters between sets.

The recommended stage is The Grid due to the nature of SFV’s Netcode, but players are free to agree on any stage they want.
Players can agree to exclude the first match of a set due to rollback in non-Grid stage. If that happens, both players must report this in the Thread or Discord, preferably both.

Whenever a non-Top 8 set begins, both players must report that in the Thread or Discord.
Results must also be posted, whether by posting the replays, a screenshot of the lounge results or simply the score in a normal post.

Regarding DQ’s, RQ’s and AFK’s:

If any player forfeits a match, quits mid-tourney, have technical issues or anything that can be considered a DQ, RQ or AFK will be ineligible for the next tournament.
Repeated offenses will increase the time banned.

However, if the player posts a warning in the thread and Discord thread/Twitch Chat justifying their behavior, they will only receive a warning, meaning that the ban will take effect the next time the infraction takes place. Regardless of justification or not. Think of it as a Yellow Card. 2 Yellows = 1 Red. (Ineligible for the next Biweekly.)


Players can schedule matches freely during the week, but the Top 8 will happen on scheduled days varying between regions.

If a player doesn’t show up for a non-Top 8 scheduled match, both players may reschedule it or the player who didn’t show up will be kicked out of the bracket.
If a match isn’t concluded until the deadline before the Top 8 expires, both players will be considered forfeits and the bracket will proceed as normal.


All Top 8’s for each Regional Tournament are broadcast live via Twitch.

The Battle Lounge is set for 3 players. The players participating in the next match and the streamer as a spectator and host of the lounge.

Once each match is over, the streamer will remove the players from the Lounge and invite the players for the next match.
When both players are invited, they will have 2 minutes to join the lounge and start the match. Otherwise they will forfeit the match automatically.

Players will need to keep up with the bracket to know who they’re facing and when. The Streamer may or may not send them a message on Discord for the next players to warn them of their upcoming match.
The safest way of knowing your next match is keeping up with the Challonge Bracket, which will be updated with every game.

Post reserved.

I’m in!

CFN: OldManRage
Region: Toronto, ON, Canada

Put me in cfn: Reason4U

Chi town.

CFN: QuixoticNeutral
Region: UK

Put me in coach.

CFN: GetTheTables

Region: East Coast USA (MD)

I’m in!!!

Cfn: plaid_unicorn

Region: us south, Miami, I’m usually good against Brazilians

Now we’re talking. I thought I’d wind up taking that crown without a fight!

Pardon my lack of geographical skills, but is that Chicago, China Town or the UMvC3 Iron Fist Combo Video?

Is this a joke?

No Chicago,Illinois. The north part of US lol

Yes, it’s a joke, you can’t live in combo videos.

I still didn’t want to blindly trust Google on that one though.
I live across 80% of the goddamn Americas from you bro, you can’t expect me to pick up on all the local nicknames for every city out there.

This looks interesting.
CFN: MeraMora
Region: UK

Wait, you moved to the UK now?

sure ill play
just to be able to play against spada and plaid

cfn : Grabbed

Count me in.

CFN: Catalyst

Maryland, USA

Yeah, I moved there in September for my university.

Region - EU, UK Based
CFN - Froztey

The king needs to tend to his throne.

I’ll start checking on the map to see the better way to split the regions and start making the brackets.

I’m kinda worried about EU though, looks like they only have 3 players.

Perhaps I should extend the deadline to tomorrow’s morning now that the thread is stickied just to make sure every region has an even number of matches per player.

What do you think?

Edit: Deadline extended until tomorrow, Dec 19th.

There are 6 players in the US/Canada tournament and 3 in the Europe Tournament, as it stands, we would have an unfair bracket with some players having to play more matches to reach Grand Finals.

If the problem persists after this extension, the players will be seeded according to their Online Rank, with the lower ranked players having to face each other in earlier brackets.

That’ll give time for my hands to heal

You’d have it anyway.

Considering the turnout, the matches would all be on Saturday anyway. I just need to figure out a good time to schedule them for everybody.

If any of you has a suggestion that fits your schedule, feel free to say it.

I’m generally better on saturday’s before noon EST.