Srk and snk cap unite

Here is what I started over at snk cap forums.

I hear rumors of this fanart section running a bit dry. I think what would really bump this place back up if some of you posted your stuff over here to the srk boards. You guys can even make board exclusive pics meaning the pic you post here may not appear on the other boards, so you’d have to check both places to se what each artist has really been up to. Both boards can unite and have twice as many people. I know for sure only a couple of peeps from srk come here.

So let’s get this fanart thing happening! I’ll post this over at srk also to get more peeps over here.

that was my message so guys take time to sign up to snk boards and say what’s up. Hope to see you guys there. Quit being lazy and sign up!

If you guys want to hang out at the mortal kombat forums so be it.

I see you didn’t even edit your post to replace ‘srk’ with ‘snk’ but I’ll check it out!

Another place to check out is TNL . Hero posts there.

Word. I signed up. I took a look around. There is wayyy too much signature clutter going on over there, haha. I think I shall set my options to block them. I’ll see if I can participate a bit over there too.