Sprite coloring help... doods

Que pasa eses? Umm… I just wanted to ask if anyone here has the free time, if they could hook me up by coloring these to sprites:



with these colors:



I already made the avatar for the guy that requested it but he wanted red Dudley & blue Alex and well… I stunk when it came to coloring the sprites. If anyone can help it would be totally rad to the max! If it’s to troublesome to do it then don’t worry about it, Civicman already likes the av I mad him. Thanks for taking the time to read this… doods.

I’ll do it when I get some time, but if you want to give it another shot… Just try to match up the similar areas. Use the eye dropper tool to get the exact color. Another option is going to image > adjustments > replace color.

Had a minute to spare, so here they are. They’re not exact swaps (I just tinted the skintones) but they should be totally fine if you’re just making an avatar with them.



Hope that helps!

:pray: :wow: Oh My Freakin’ God! Thanks thanks thanks Akzidenz! Holy Moses you did a great job. Many many thanks to you… dood!

No problem! <3

you should do pallets for mugen man… lol sweet skills