Springfield, MA - Tournament Saturday, April 13 at 1:00pm

Updated:3/6/2013 @ 11AM.


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Just bumping the thread. Was at the tournament today, i’m Ken. Pat pretty much said it all. Trying to give players in the Western Mass a place to play a place to congregate and in the future possibly hold tourneys to get people from outside the area to come in.

TY Ken. I’d like to figure out a time to do weekly meetups. I picked up 1 of the CRTs already today and have 3 XB360s and 1 PS3 at my house - only 1 copy of SSF4 for my XB360 though, and only one “working” stick. I’m sure everyone would bring there own or share anyway.

What are times like for everyone? Sunday after 5/6PM are best for me, I wouldn’t rule out a night during the week EXCEPT for Fri/Sat as thats when tournaments are/or just other things going on for most people. I’d like to see us carpool larger groups to tournaments. Only 80s Joel in Sombre/Kens car.

I’m hoping people are sobering up or that this forum sees more activity during the week. Or no one wants to play.

Hey, Rene here. I was at the GUSA tournament but i arrived too late to enter lol, damn work. I don’t know much people in the scene, only a handful but i’d love to meet everyone at some point and play some SSF4. i’m still pretty new to the whole fighting game scene (and in the game in general) but i’m more than hyped to get something going. I may be a beginner but i love super and will defiantly try to attend meet ups and fight nights. I’ve been to Game Underground a few times and have an awesome time at their fight nights. I think it’d be pretty awesome to have something like that at Eastfield for Western Mass.

Hey guys, I was just checking this out, I grew up in the orchard, so i am familar with the eastfield mall, and looking at it is it true that this gameplay usa place is in the same spot the dream machine was?

basically right there on the left when you enter the food court, and they have the door in the back?

Yeah, same exact spot. I know they use the back door for after hours things, not sure if it stays unlocked during normal hours.

Damn Ken, it’s been years. How are you?

Nice to see a [NEW] springfield thread.

That is godlike, I grew up in there, won my first tournament there, I would go there for a tournament for simple nostalgic purposes.

Did you go to highschool up here?

I went to commerce… didn’t finish, and i am sure i am a bit older then most of you… last time i was up there we went into that store, (or some sports memorabilia store that was there not sure if that what this spot is i guess it could be.) i thought it was funny at the time they still had the old arcade carpet in that place. (like the black light carpet)… reminisced where the first time i saw super turbo was. and how everyone didn’t play it cause they were all busy on MK2.

I did some research now i see what this place is, see they had photo’s of the tournament you had the second place guy, The juri, I played him at Summerjam, first round in the new character tournament, juri mirror, close match, i was salty.

bluenine i think is his name? least i think thats him… i dunno.

Yeah, it was bluenine.

And I haven’t been up to much, working mostly.

Trying to get back in to SF even though I was only kind of into it before.

Is there any news on fight nights happening? I worked everynight this week so i haven’t been able to go to GUSA and ask them. Also, SUP PANCHO

I can toss the idea of fight nights at them. We could set it to Tuesdays or Thursday - they cannot stay open late these nights unless we get GOOD attendance (10+). Sundays would be easier for them after talking a bit. Again we would need to figure out a deal for the amount of $ to run a fight night. I’ve got 2 24" CRTS now at my house if we wanted to run it here.

Alright talked to a few of you today and we’re gonna do a meetup at my place 6PM EST til 9PM or later if everyones chill.

Address: 59 Eton Street, Chicopee, MA 01020.
Phone #413 519 9835

Its the white house with a big bay window infront, porch and 4 car driveway. “Last” house on the left.

Call or text me if you get lost. Call or text me if you want to confirm/bring anything. I will have 1x CRT and 1x HDMI monitor and if anyone wants to set up a stream of our lousy matches by all means. Please bring XB360/PS3 Joysticks and an extra copy of SSF4 or anything else. I have only 1 copy ATM. No smoking inside but I’ve got the backyard if anyone needs to.

6PM - October 10th - My House - Just a meetup to practice and have fun.
Again, call/text me if you are not sure how to get there or just want to say you are coming!


So I am thrilled that there’s a scene near me finally, I’ve just been going to CT a lot for tourneys and whatever, would like to make it down to that practice session that’s listed above if that’s cool with you?

Sure - Head on over. Have atleast 3-4 showing up. Some people showing up around 7 and earlier. Just call my # if any one is lost.

Gysbert, feel free to stop by. I met you at a Project Failure in passing, I’m a friend of Essex’ and Kryonik if you remember. Name’s Ken, not sure if I gave my SRK name.

Had 4 total playing tonight. Maybe next time we can double it. I’ll have another CRT next time, if not another 2.

Pleasure meeting YOU DOUG(GREG). Ken/Mark always a pleasure, I will admit I enjoyed playing since it was more than losing to Guile for 4 hours straight, Fei Long got thrown in too! I will be learning Gouken more over the next few days…

PS: Got an XBL suspension. Woohoo.

Nice meeting everyone too. I had fun hoping to attend more of those.