Spring Cleaning TODAY only! 2 Dual Moded Sticks, B15 LED/DM, Hitbox, PS3 TE

Must sell today! gotta pay an unknown speeding ticket?!!! SALE ENDING TODAY! ALL ITEMS ARE OPEN TO OFFERS!!

The ticket is $300 and I need to get it taken care of today. when I hit 300 sale is over.

Dual Modded Hori VLX SA(By Gummowned) 200 Shipped. TOP ONE IN PHOTO


B15 Arcade stick(Only one Joker Style) Dual Modded LED Mod. 300 Shipped.

PS3 Wolverine Hitbox! 130 Shipped.


PS3 TE. 110 Shipped. Just a Tournament Edition Round 2 with Grey/Blue buttons. Looks HYPE!

does the ps3 te stick have an octo gate by any chance

It’s a square gate.

I have an octo gate you could buy/trade for if you buy his TE, They are very easy to change.

Really need to pay this ticket ASAP.

Fuck, I want all of em. I got in a car accident a few days ago otherwise I would be looking.

$100 for the dual-modded HRAP V3 and it’s a deal.

I got 125 on the V3

I will do 160 Shipped.

thanks for the offer , but thats all I have and I shouldnt be buying anything. good luck with your sale.

$160 includes the shipping?


That’s a GREAT DEAL!

I agree, I am accepting offers on all my Sticks.

If you ship to Canada, Ill take that V3 for 160 :smiley:

I will!
Also still accepting all offers!!

I am still waiting to sell amazing arcade sticks at really low prices

My offer still stands, PP ready and waiting just send a PM and we have a deal.

Please check your PMs.

Is that V3 dual mod still available?