Spring cleaning the Juri forum

Alright Jurors. I kinda unintentionally dropped Juri a while ago but I still love the character and this forum.

Team Juri was graet with you guys and I know you are all passionate. I just got made mod and I’ve just finished some work on my No.1 forum (Sakura forums).

So now I’m here at the Juri forum to see what I might help with.

What needs doing? What threads need to be stickied/unstuck/closed/deleted/merged?
What first posts need updating? What should be moved or split?

I can make whatever changes but it will be much easier for me if you guys outline what you want done and provide links and examples. :tup:

Wow what’s going on… I don’t know if I’m going to drop Juri but the other day I just picked up Sakura and even though she’s day one I’m already having a reasonable degree of success with her. Do you know Red_Snowman… is he still PS3’s best Sakura? He use to be a Fox main in Brawl I met him irl we were friends he told me on aim he used Sakura and Juri too… probably because they have similar inputs but after using Sakura I feel like Juri is an unsafe and less powerful version than her in exchange for better mobility and zoning. (And more evil lol)

you should maybe erase those drama topics… are they still here? I’ll link later I have work sorry

Glad everythings going well for you Mr.Flowers. The Juri Sunday thing is running along nicely. I just wish more ppl would join us…

*EDIT-whoops, completely off-topic, lol…ah w/e :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad to hear it Shake3.:tup: I also passed on my Team Sakura account (MisterSakura). I have a feeling all the MvC3 hype is the reason for these things slowing down alot on SSF4.

Red Snowman was in Team Sakura and Team Juri. He had top ranked Sakura in USA and had Juri at B+ and Guile at Rank A aswell. This was months ago. I dunno how far up he is now. He had 4500 PP overall with these characters. Scary guy with a great sense of humour. Shame he hardly does anything outside of ranked mode.

Give me the links to all the drama topics and I’ll close em.

Anything else needs doing around here? I can access any original post that you want updated in a thread or do other stuff. Its up to you guys.

Good to hear you made it as mod!

As for what needs to be done I have no idea lol. I know the matchup thread wasn’t being updated for some time but now the guy who started it returned recently so it’s all good.

Not much flaming on here so you don’t need to worry about that.

So how did you “accidentally drop Juri” again? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know if its possible sir to combine the “Official AE Juri Changes” into 1. Instead of reading through 450 posts which may or may not be true, I think its extremely hard but possible, not sure if its worth it.

I know pretty much all the changes, at least the ones that have been posted, if its in demand ill just make a new thread and someone can close that one, its not really all that neccessary though imo.

Lol by pushing Sakura to Rank A then training with Bison for a while. Basically I was juggling lots of characters around and slowly stopped bothering with them until I was down to just Mak and Sak. Then I stopped playing SSF4 altogether lol.

Yes its very possible. I could make it look like the first post of this thread:


You can make the new thrad and I’ll lock the other or you can tell me which posts should be added to the first thread and I’ll quote them with spoilers or however you specify. Just jot down the posts by number here for me.

Thanks guys.

I made that new thread, you can lock the old one now.

Thanks alot Metallicmike.


That new thread looks pretty good! Would you guys like it stickied? Anything else you want me to do here?

PM me if anything. I’ll be looking after mainly Ryu - Zangief and JoontheBaboon will be taking care of this area.

But I’ll still keep popping by now that I’m into Juri once again. <3