Spreadsheet with MOST of Balrog's combo's damage and stun included! Updated for Ultra!

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C-IAfNFiQz1SEd1ws9uaKKZC0CTYPjfes-TBCaVNINM/edit?usp=sharing I’m still currently working on this and will make it completely public once I get done. I’m going to attempt to have every single combo Balrog can perform on here. If you want to use this somewhere else whether it be a video or whatever just make sure to give me some credit somewhere. Also if you see that I’ve missed a combo or want to help let me know either on here or PM me on Steam (FC Hatred). Hopefully someone hasn’t made a complete list before, but if they have I’ll take my copy down. It’s still a WIP so keep that in mind.

Is it every single Balrog combo, like even character specific ones? or is it Balrog combos that work on all/the majority of the cast?

At the moment it’s the ones that work on majority of the cast. I’ll be adding character specifics and u2 combo’s.

Not sure how useful this is in it’s current form but meh, cool.
you’ll end up with a lot of useless combos listed i imagine.

you’re missing combos off cr.lk into cr.lp. which is useful to have because crouch tech confirm to combo

Well you’re right there will be some useless combos but, it’s something you can look at and say “So if I have 2 meter in this situation I can do X combo to get most stun or Y combo for most damage”. Alright I’ll probably start working again on it tomorrow and getting some more on there.

What’s the goal with the project? I’ve seen (or rather thought about) a lot of similar projects and i never really figured out a good way to organize the information. I think there would also be use in knowing the minimum possible damage a combo can do (e.g. if you’re doing a combo when the opponent is at 10% health or less where scaling is different) since it’s less likely you land combos against opponents with full health.

For example, i think to myself, what’s the most damaging meterless combo against a dp FADC fwd that’s -5? i know it’s cr.lp, cl.hk, cr.mp xx hp.ds, what if i have one meter, then cr.lp, cl.mp, cr.lp, cr.mp xx ex.ru, cr.lp, cr.mp xx hp.hb, but what if i have two bars, then cr.lp, cl.hk, cr.mp xx hp.ds xx FADC, cr.lp, cl.hk, cr.mp xx hp.ds which is the max practical damage/stun punish for -5 off of two bars that works on standing and crouching so forth and so on. Or maybe you want to know what’s the max damage into a fake cross-up or instant overhead, like those kinds of things.

And i know i’m taking the idea and running with it, but those are always the types of questions i ask when it comes to documents, esp something like this which would be nice.

The goal is like I said in the above post to make all the information readily available so you can search by damage, stun or meter and use the most optimized ones. I do like the idea of seeing how much a combo does when they’re less health, but how would one go about setting that up? I didn’t think about the dp FADC punish, that’s a very interesting point and I’m glad that you mentioned it, I’ll definitely be adding it to the list. My only problem with this is how long it will take to finish and with the balance patch coming around soon hopefully, I’m not sure if I should wait or keep going and change the values later.

In the end though this spreadsheet will basically will let you know the most optimal punish for Balrog in almost any type of scenario seeing his whole gameplan is about punishing then working his offense, which I think will help newer rog players and even veteran rog players.


st mp, cr lp, st lp, cr hk - 169
st mp, cr lp, st lp, st hp

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a combo. Only possible if st.lp hits meaty. (do you mean st.hk?)

yes my bad