Spooky Announces EVO2012 Will Be His Last Stream

The hardest working man in the scene just dropped this bomb not too long ago on Civil War 4 stream.

Not completely sure why, he seems fed up with whatever is going on.

I link to the archive as soon as it’s available.


@07:40 and @31:10

Happy Retirement!


Saddest news I’ve heard in a while.




Oh man, that’s so lame. Good luck to him and whatever he does after being a S+ streamer. I only just got over Gootecks :frowning:

Wait…what?! D=

Huh? I need some sort of evidence.

What the fuck?

i blame them dumb ass stream monsters.

But hope he has good rest from all this streaming!

Oh wow, this is sad news :frowning:
But watching his work, it did seem like a lot of stress.

Well if this isn’t the shittiest news to wake up to… =(

e-sports killed spooky

he sounded really fed up

good luck to whatever he dose after

Well fuck, good luck with your next big thing sp00ks.

Well in all seriousness i’m curious to hear, according to the OP what he was fed up with. Something to make the best-known streamer around quit has to be pretty harsh.

Well good luck to him to what he does afterwards…unless he just goes to start streaming for MLG or something lol.

Lmfao? Evidence is on stream. Theres a “major” tournament going on right now its called Civil War 4.

well he justs sounds fed up in general , its hard to tell what exactly happend but he did mention twitchcops winning

well he said he dont enjoy it anymore

I’m so sad with this news…


And I don’t have time to watch, because I’ve stuff to do. Show me a link of him saying it or get some sort of news story, then i’ll believe it.

Spooky just said on stream:
“Events aren’t fun anymore. It’s not about stream monsters. I come to the event and sit at a desk and stare at a screen all day. Not really enjoyable anymore”

Don’t blame him but it makes me quite sad to see him go.