Spokane USF4 revival

Looking to start something up in spokane, the FGC is way to over populated with Smash brothers here and we need to get street fighter players in the area to start pulling together for them casuals and lead into a tournement scene. anyones down hit me up spokaneSFC@gmail.com

I’ve been trying to see who plays over here. I moved here about a year ago. I would like to play with some of the scene here. I do play on xbox an ps3.

Always down for weekend sessions.

Late to the game on this, but I’ve been looking for peeps to play with as well. TTT2, SF, KoF. Also, another buddy here in Spokane who placed in EVO and was the SF Turbo world champion is also looking for peeps to play with. We get together a few times a month a bash games out. Hit me up.

Looking for local stick modders, anyone!?

Hey, if anybody’s still playing usf4, I’m down for sessions most weekends on 360. Little rusty but I also play ttt2, sfxt, mk9 and injustice. I’m on the west side so msg me on here.

Just come to tri cites. We gather every week and have a tournament this weekend for mkx and sfv