Spoilers and other tags on Android app?

I tend to type long. I’d like to do many people a favor and hide more tangential info under a spoiler tag

Unfortunately, I can’t find a button to hit to bring up spoiler tag.

A want to save you from TLDR as much as I want to avoid it. And I can’t help it on the road.

When you bit the reply button start a new thread, there’s a gear to the right of the smiley face.

Click on it and you’ll get a drop down menu.

From the drop down meni, you can choose “hide details” and that’ll give you access to the spoiler tag.

I don’t see a gear.

Here’s a screenshot to show evidence I don’t have access to a gear symbol.

Sorry, my screenshot was taller than long. Let me try again, and this time, I’ll crop.

Alright, you wanna click the 4 horizontal lines. They’ll activate the drop down menu and you’ll see the gear.

Sounds good.

It works. Thanks.