Spinal dive kick glitch?

I don’t have any recording software to show, But if you try to double tap spinal’s dive kick really fast into the air he like cancels his divekick and comes straight to the ground. Is that intended?

uhhh, if you just hold up and do another dive kick after the first one it comes out almost all the time. Seems gimmicky but it’s there! If you’re holding up-forward you can get the instant dive kick to actually hit again! It feels like a janky magneto insta J. light mixup. you can combo off of it too.

If you have an Xbox One…you have recording software. Record it with the game dvr and upload it to skydrive. Then you can link it here. That’s the cheap and dirty way if you don’t have a capture device.

Oh haha, I didn’t know that. I’ll record it later if I have time then. Thanks!

I can only do it when I’ve already hit the opponent with a dive kick,also it can be done by doing dive kick and any other kick. Seems like itcould be used as a mix up.