**Spin** Am I too big for a bikini?

Saw the other thread, I have hesitations posting this but I want honesty.
I look kind of like
Note that’s a random pic from a yahoo questions thread so I have no idea who that is and I thought it looked ok but I also seem to have a really distorted perspective of my own similar looking body.
So, here’s the Q; if you saw me (her) walking around in Vegas like that at the pool would you take notice, or not?

Wear whatever you like lady! Free country!


Yes, SRK is the perfect place to get a feeling of increased self worth.

this will not end well…i cant wait.

Wouldn’t it depend on the kind of bikini? Seems to me that voluptuous women are more about the silhouette, so maybe a retro one piece would work better.

Ultimately, though, it’s whatever you feel best in since that will affect how you carry yourself and react to people.