Well first off, I need to learn how to use the duo of Spidey/Gambit. Secondly, I’d like recommendations on a fun 3rd character(I know I play this team with doom also, but I wanna know some other fun peeps to put with this team.).

Like what do I wanna do with Spidey/Gambit? And also, does it have any damaging combos? I know some nice one with Gambit/Spidey AAA.

Any help would be appreciated.

Looking at your Avatar, I think of Doom. I hear Spidey/Doom is decent (I sorta doubt it, but I read someone in this forum say it somewhere), and Gambit/Doom is good chip, and he has a couple stupid combos with Doom AAA. I might go with Storm instead, but sentinel’s assist is nice.

if you are looking for low tier, go with tron. Spidey/tron, gambit/tron both good = )

i guess what AAA really depends on whether your gambit is more of a rushdown or a keepaway or a mix of both. if your rushdown matching then i suggest sent drones or psylock. keepaway with doom rocks/capcom. balanced with sent drones/cyc. cyc gives you many time to set up for some combos with spidey as well.

a kind-of related team i play with is Morrigan/Spiderman/Psylocke (MSP HAHAHahaha… ok im lame). strategy can be mixed up with your gambit/spiderman as well. with spiderman jump web beam assist maximum spider is one of my favorite bnb.

Guile/Charlie and Ken are all good for low tier anti-air assists. I use to play a little bit of Spidey/Guile/Doom and Spidey/Gambit/Guile in the earlier days.

i think ken (expansion)? stalling can be good for spiderman/gambit to set up for super

doom, magneto capture, tron, and ken/akuma expansion, i’ve found, are the best assists…
a really spiderman team, i’ve found is spiderman, mag capture, rogue throw :slight_smile:


doom and mag capture make easy combos into maximum spider
c.lk, c.lk, s.hk + call assist, sj, hp xx maximum spider

tron with rushdown, c.lk + tron, s.hk xx crawler assult, or OTG into ultimate web throw does nice damage.

ken / akuma expansion let u combo into hp web ball

the doom rocks also lets you use tk lp web balls for zoning, which is nice, since it’s literally spiderman’s only decent zoning tool. his hp web throw isn’t bad for a ghetto mind play trap.

rogue throw is nice cuz u can air combo off of it, and trap with lp web balls and that, since it’s unblockable… it’s not a bad setup

omg new ones…

spiderman with ruby heart… WOW… fucking resets with the pillar (aaa)

spiderman with bbhood projectile… ok, a good assist that leads into the three things spiderman needs… hp web ball, maximum spider, and otg… just wow…

c.lk, c.lk, s.hk + call her, sj, hp -

  • hp web ball, whatever
  • maximum spider
  • hp again, dash under for a reset into an air combo

c.lk + bbhood, c.lp, s.hk -

  • lp web throw
  • ultimate web throw
  • hp web ball, whatever
  • maximum spider
  • dash s.hk air combo
  • dash c.lk, s.hk air combo… doh
  • dash c.lk xx sj, web dash d+hk, mixup… :slight_smile:

i <3 spiderman

WOW…that’s buff shit dude for real…


I did not know the power of Lil red…