Spider Man returns

hey im new to the forums. Been away from umvc3 for a while and now i’m tying to get back into the game, but my spider man game is kinda bad… i really cant seem to get in safely or do any mix ups for spider man. everything i do seems to get blocked and its kinda frustrating, Anyone have any tips on how to do some mix ups or getting close to opponent?

I’m very surprised you’re having trouble getting in close safely, Spider-Man is a master of that; he has some of the best mobility in the game. Unless the opponent has Hidden Missiles or is using something like Dormammu or Morrigan, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting right in their face. The only thing you need to worry about is to know when your combo is not going to work via their blocking and retreat as fast as possible. Spider-Man’s gameplan typically uses his speed to get in and out quickly and set up another plan of attack.

  1. Super Jump + Web Ball L + WebZip down - My favorite strategy. Web ball travels while you zip and either hits them first or backs you up when their guard is down. You can use Web Ball M depending on how your opponent is moving since M moves faster than L. The Web Ball can either hit the opponent before you get their and usher the beginning of a combo or, if you get to the opponent first, hit the opponent if they either let their guard down while you’re attacking or if they happen to catch you and save you from their combo. Also, because Web Zip pretty much cancels every other move you can do this really quickly. Not to mention this is pretty fun to harass an opponent with since it’s an easy strategy to do. It keeps you in their face and always on the offensive. Just make sure you know when to retreat if they start blocking. This is also effective against characters with super armor since web zip and/or web ball can chip through 1 of the 2 hits.

2)Ground(Diagonal) Web-Zip + Button mashing - This is mostly useful against big guys like Sentinel, but also for others. Basically, it’s a quick Web Zip that puts you in an arc towards your opponent to the ground. If you use this on big guys (Eg. Sentinel, Hulk, Nemesis) the web zip will hit them and you’ll zip right in their face where you can start mashing normals high and low to try and get an opening. It works on regular-sized characters, but, depending on their size, you may go over them, which can be a good or bad thing.

  1. Short Jump + Air Dash + Air S - This is a very popular method and aggressive among rushdown players (I’m not a rushdown player, though I do still use this on occasion since it’s pretty useful). Basically, this move counts as an overhead and can catch some players off guard so you can start getting a few combos in or even set up a TAC. It’s a bit important to not air dash too high or you might go over the opponent and be slightly more predictable when you’re going to hit. Also, keep in mind, unlike Web Zip, you can’t block during an air dash.

Theses are pretty easy and basic strategies for Spidey that make him super effective. Try them. Also, remember Spider-Man is great for tactical play so try to be really adaptable and make up your own strategies on how you approach certain characters.

thanks for the tips. started winning some matches again and it feels good 8)