Spencer Zip Line Question

I’ve been watching a lot of Chris G lately and am picking up Spencer/Doom… But I cant get his BnB corner zipline down. For reference it’s the one Chris G always does…

It looks like this after the otg - S, zip, df zip, up grapple

I can’t get the up grapple to hit. I can’t find any videos on this tutorial in particular. Any advice or tips would be awesome.


Are you back-dashing before doing Air Wire Grapple M? You don’t need to Tiger knee the Wire Grapple H (Ignore hasuchobe). Delay the S after the OTG to bring the opponent closer to the ground. If the opponent is too high after hitting S, zip, df zip, the opponent will flip out after the df zip.

I’m using wire grapple H to pick up right now, does it really matter between M or H? The zipline ender is corner only anyway right? Or can a “close enough to corner” knockdown take advantage of an M grapple into zip ender.

This extension only works off of M grapple, which puts you relatively lower than H grapple does.

If “close enough to the corner,” you won’t need the backdash into Air Wire Grapple M. If cornered, you’ll need the backdash. For the Air Wire Grapple H OTG, I would suggest the ‘zig-zag’ zip ender. After OTG (if facing right / 1p side), :df: zip, :db:zip, Wire Grapple H into favorite ender or assist extension. The extra 80k is quite nice. I hope you are using Doom Hidden Missiles assist.

M wire grapple is good for finishing midscreen combos if you’re not already in the corner after a knockdown. H and M wire grapple both work in the corner. For really long combos (in the corner), ending with the criss cross grapple always works. Your opponent will tech out of zip zip enders that use j.:s: (if the combo is long).

I actually have no problem using the zip ender in discussion using either M or H grapple, just wondering of the differences in application.

I struggle to do the criss cross ender though. So dont press any buttons after H grapple, is there any wait time or just criss cross immediately?

you have to wait b4 doing the criss cross. If you’re early, you’ll miss the second zip. i usually go for an M grapple in midscreen situations. dash towards opponent into m grapple. If you’re fortunate to be near the corner after doing that, you can do the zip zip uvg.