Spencer is overrated and is inferior to Sentinel

Spencer is a straightforward character with no mix ups and an overhead you can see from a mile away. Why do people say he is top 10 is beyond me. Just because Combo Fiend wins alot with him does not mean he’s all that powerful. If you watch most of his comebacks you will see that its because players forget that you can block and they get so timid that they just drop the soap. I’m sorry but Spencer is not a big deal. Prove to me why he’s top 10 and why you think he’s better than Sentinel.

Go back to GameFaqs.

Go play MegaMan 1

Itachi is a gamefaqs troll. Nothing to see here guys.

Mega Man 1 is a good game… I’d gladly oblige.

Who brought the Gamefags.

I completely agree; I hope everyone drops Spencer in favor of Sentinel so I never have to fight him again.

Ebolastic’s thread on “Jill is better then Zero” brought them all. Itachi is a known [S]dumbass [/S] troll, Luna troll’s gamefaqs as well, but isn’t as much of an idiot as Itachi. Ebolastic in my opinion is a mix of both.

You mad because i don’t agree with a scrub who thinks he’s good because of his Jill tech?

Fuck that. He should be at unity crying for Captain America nerfs.






Shit like this makes me ashamed I post on gamefaqs.

You’re not the only one. God damn, now i feel bad that SRK has to deal with the local GFaqs trolls >_>

Eh, I only really go on GameFAQs for CE anyway. Too many trolls and dumbfucks on the UMvC3 board.
You’re cool though, no matter how much I may disagree with you on some things.

lol and I suppose Sentinel has godlike high-low oki, rivaling the likes of Mag-fucking-neto, correct?

Why thank you. If you disagree with me on something, just call my ass out on it.

Anyway, threads like this are going to be locked soon enough. It doesn’t spark enough relevant conversation and can be posted in another place.

I have >_>

Mostly it was about Jill and me and you disagreeing about how good she is

Ah, K. I think that was in the “Jill bodies rushdown” topic? I was playing theory fighter Turbo (even though the thread probably did have alot of good info)mostly was hyped after labbing Flip Kick double fc. cancel normal combos. Now I look at Jill from a rational and serious aspect. Yeah she’s good infact really good, but not as much as I was hyping her up back then. I think she’s B+/A tier.
C’est la vie.

This thread exists

  • UMVC3 SRK Tier List/Theory Discussion. (NEW THREAD NOW AVAILABLE)
    and should be used for your random tier theory pleasures. We are not going to allow “X vs Y” breakdown threads for each specific tier sorting: use the Tier List thread if you REALLY care that much. And you’re pretty lame if you do. Just play the damned game and use SRK to get better. If Sentinel is better for you, rock on. If Spencer is, rock on.

The rest of us will now move on with our lives.