Spellweaver: Online Card Game (Released Feb 1 on Steam)

Hey guys, I just tried this shit it out last night. Didn’t see a thread for it, and hoping someone else plays.
It holds more things closer to MTG than Hearthstone. Some things similar to hearthstone. And some unique ideas.

Money is easy to come by, so you can buy packs pretty consistently.
And you pick a starter

Gameplay vid here


Similarities to MTG

  • Mana is drawn, not automatically given
  • You can assign blockers.
  • 20 health
  • 60 deck card minimum
  • Flying/Lifelink/First Strike units exist
  • “Enchantments” + “Artifacts” exist
  • Can mix and match colors, since you can toss in different mana cards

Similarities to Hearthstone

  • Heroes - also have a unique skill with cooldown (I guess MTG has planeswalkers, but this game only has your “face” hero)
  • Can choose to attack heroes or creatures

Completely different

  • Mulligan your starting hand results in a whole new hand instead of replacing a card or two (HS) or drawing one less (MTG)
  • 6 different colors divided into “good” and “evil” booster packs
  • Two rows, front and back. Back row used for supports that won’t get attacked unless by a spell, flying units can attack and defend from back
  • “Speed” exists as a stat. You can only defend against and attack a unit that has equal or less speed than your unit, adds good strategy

Might be some other things, but watch a video and come to your own conclusion.

Is there much of a community?

Can I get by with FTP?

Hex was a FTP game that was alright. The Campaign mode and auction house was neat.

Though it was grindy as fuck to get any of the good cards and had a furf*g arc type.
I like the 20min max time on the duels based on the video. The one thing I hated in hearthstone was playing stall warrior/priest in hearthstone when I just wanted the quests finished up.
(Which is a 30min+ duel if your opponent wants to take max time to think his moves.)

Community is slowly growing as people realize the game.
And FTP is amazing. The daily quests offer boosters and plenty of gold.

Some quests give you rare cards for fighting a tough AI, which may have to wait until you amass a stronger deck.

Alright went through my grind. Game is pretty fun.

But I ultimately think that we need one thread for all these fringe TCGs that aren’t Magic/Yugioh/Pokemon/Hearthstone.