Speed Up Infinite

I use Sent asst and Cable proj asst to set this up…I am still trying to figure some new strats for it…anyone else have any good cross up or new ways to set this up using maybe different Spiral teams???


Spiral on point!!Dash>>in HP wait till her hand stop wiggling(lol),then sent out Assist(sent drone)!Then teleport to the bottom left!Then crouch down and poke lk,lk.If it hits then the drones will connect as well.Then cancel into her Speed up!!Then infinite from there!Make sure u do the poke and cancel the super fast enough so that it’ll connect !(Not sure if this works)!!:confused: :lol:

The way you’re explainin it, It won’t work. I can tell just by reading it, but I know what you meant. I’ll try it later, but I think its already been thought up or woulda been thought up by now.

well i had a semi-trap with Spiral, but it’s still sorta untested on regular play.

It goes like this. and it only works in the corner

Speed up, lk, rh, call Doom, repeat. It’s sorta like the Stider/Doom Trap. They can’t push block Doom, so you still have time to run back up if they push block. Call Doom again as soon as the Speed up is about to end.

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with drones, opp in corner -
d+Lk and drones, d+mk, standing hk, speed up, dash in lk, hk, dash in lk, hk, repeat…
can’t believe how few posts there are for spiral

anywhere on screen, you can set up the infinite (easier in the corner obviously, but you can do it anywhere)… if you manage to land a short, just short-forward-fierce-DRONES XX speed up dash short-roundhouse-short roundhouse infinite.

But the damage is kinda weak. snapping in a vulnerable character is way better imo.

Or keeping your levels for a comboed sword superXXHSF or a comboed meta super is cooler :slight_smile:

Sorry Break that down to me again, how do you do the Speed Up Infinte?