Speech volumes not working properly in sf4, dead island

Hi, today I present someone here with an odd question. I recently built a new computer, new Os 64 bit etc, don’t think that matters, point being, voice volumes are screwed up in my games. Here’s the scenario: 2 speaker (generic logitech) setup, and everything else in sounds works perfectly. For instance: I’ll be playing street fighter iv (vanilla) on pc, and everything playes at correct volume, but when the announcer says something, it will be at about 1/8 volume only coming out of one speaker, but the background noise will be working fine. I checked the audio levels and they are default in every category. I figured this was just an installation glitch until; I just installed Dead island. Game works perfectly, zombie crushing sounds fine but when I talk to a dude I have to lean up just to hear what he is saying.

I know most of this information is useless, but just in case:

Motherboard: GA-P45T-ES3G
CPU: Intel core 2 duo e8400
Sound onboard
nvidia 9600gt video card.

Any input is appreciated.

Your computer probably thinks it’s outputting in 5.1 surround sound – the voices are so low because they should be coming out of 5 speakers + a sub, rather than just the two speakers. Go into Windows’ Audio Devices preferences and make sure it’s not 5.1, then go into the respective games and look for sound settings there as well. Everything should be set to Stereo.

Oh yah. I thought that was the problem at first but it didn’t make any sense to me, than I realized I was trying to setup my 5.1 headset a while ago, and forgot to delete the drivers.