Spectral vs generations hits japanese arcades

ouch this game is very very bad. not mortal kombat 1/time killers bad but woulda been cool 8+ years ago bad…

the graphics are subpar with the bgs being the worst graphical aspect from the time i spent with it.

the game has a sluggish response time seemingly by design… youve gotta tap out combos at something like half the speed of slower a slower input game ala sfa3.

the characters are like gg meets samsho but pretty much devoid of the style either of those games has imo.

sure it could surprise me given a month or two of “getting used to time” but nothing about the game (even the fact its new) grabs me near enough to want to put in that time…

thumbs down!

glad i don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

spectral vs generations? What the hell are you talking about? Links please.

Found this site. Sweet!

The game looks like a cool 2D fighter.The site is japanese though so i do not know which company is behind it. Is it getting a U.S and or PS2 release?

is it as bad as away agila?

wow…this one completely slipped under my radar.

here’s hoping it continues to!


Not to derail the thread, but… since when does SFA3 have “slow input”?

i find the tapping slower than act cadenza, rb2 and breakers revenge for example… thats why i called it slow. spec vs gen is slower…

Speaking of lesser - known games, is Senko No Ronde out in Japan yet? That looked REALLY cool from the vids I saw from the AOU show…any word Beelze?

Shit’s been out for a while now, shit’s hot. Even gets a good deal of play here in Oki.

I saw this new Spectral Vs. game at my arcade a few days ago. It looks totally shitty! =D

the game of the moment is definitely act cadenza! shits hot.

Too bad there isn’t an arcade in Oki that has it yet…:sad:

Can someone post a few pics?


video for lazy f@@ks :slight_smile:

right click and save.

Excellent…hopefully this will warrant a PS2 release then :slight_smile:


Ko-Hatsu added match videos:


But damn, this game gives off a major “3rd-party Neo-Geo fighter” vibe… I thought of that shitty Double Dragon fighter a couple times while watching this…

i probably would’ve liked this game 5 or so years ago

Game looks fine to me, teh chick with the sickle’s hot!