Spectators can attend the event for free

Spectators can attend the event for free, and are welcome to play at one of the dozens of freeplay stations. For those who cant make it to Vegas, EVO 2009 will also be streaming live all weekend. The live stream will run all day from July 17-19th, and feature non-stop tournament matches between top players, with live crowd audio accompanied by expert commentary to explain all the onscreen action.

If the spectators can attend the event for free and watch, what is the point for registering?

I do not understand.

You can not enter any of the official Evo tournaments (they ones you have to pay money for after you register)if you do not register. Basically the 8 games/tournaments that are listed clear as day on the front page of evo2k.com. If you want to play in any of those 8 main events you have to throw down money on the registration and pay the tourney fee (pot for the top 3 players).

Basically if you want to play in the BYOC or play in the SNK side tournaments…that’s all gravy but if you haven’t registered and want to enter the SFIV tournament or 3S 2 on 2 tournament…you get to watch.

Also you wont be allowed to play in the tekken 6 tourny. Not sure about the blazblue one but for the T6 you must have a evo badge as a registered player or they wont let you play in it.

So if my friends just want to go watch but not play, it is free? Why pay to register then?

You register to play in the official tournaments. If your friends want to just watch and not play then, then you don’t register just show up. That’s it.

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I understand, but to register the event is 30 bucks, and 10 bucks for tournaments.
So what is the point of registering for 30 bucks for the event to watch if I am not registering for tournaments, that is what I don’t get.


It’s to register to compete in any of the official games.

I think the registration page should be retard-proofed for next year so this doesn’t ever come up.

Wow, you been here since '05 and you don’t even understand this shit? You giving 09ers a good name lol.


A lot of people seem to be confused by the sign up process for 3S. Only one person needs to sign up for 3S teams. That’s why the fee for the team tournament is 20 dollars. One person needs to front up the money electronically for both players and the other person just teams up with you after the fact at Evo. Tournament entry regularly is 10 dollars per player so the 20 dollars is just to cover your eventual patner. The other person only needs to have an Evo Badge. Which means they need to have already purchased the 30/50 dollar registration to enter the event as an official tournament player via Paypal online. If they have not done that they are not allowed to be your patner. All of that being as far as I know.

If all is done correctly though (both of you registered for Evo online to receive Evo badges) the payment process is between the players. Either you’re super nice and front the money for both players or you ask your partner for 10 dollars at Evo.

Now that I read your post though it sounds like you’re out of luck since you didn’t register and won’t receive an Evo badge as an official tournament player.

Basically…yeah. I know how you feel though…I just found out I totally messed up my flight to Vegas (long story…sort of) so I’m breaking an arm and a leg just to get here now. For any regular Evo/tournament goer I think the way to sign up was pretty obvious but otherwise they probably should have made things a bit more clear on the website.

Yeah hopefully your partner at least finds another partner or signed up for another game. There should be someone else who may want to sign up for 3S at the last minute at least. Since it’s a team tourney any random joe shmoe who has a badge can just give him 10 dollars just to say they’re on his team. Otherwise he’s not doing much this Evo either. There’s always Tekken 6 and Blazblue and the BYOC I guess.

Nope you can’t. And your partner can’t either since his partner didn’t reg.
Only two options now, He picks up a random that has a badge but didn’t sign up and takes 10 bucks. Or he gets DQ’d without playing and loses 20. :[

You have to be registered to compete. You didn’t register, therefore you can’t compete. Not sure what you were expecting, but that’s pretty crystal clear to me.