Special intros/outros between characters - Should they return?

I mean those little interactive moments when Sagat’s scar shines when he sees Ryu or when Ryu lifts up Ken after he loses in their battle. Seeing as how they (seemingly) care for the little details like interactive backgrounds, I wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to see some interaction between the characters. For those who dived into the series with SF4 and don’t know what I’m talking about, think of the interactions that take place before you fight your rival.




And here is my favorite one:

It’s flavor. I support the flavor.

They should never have left.

What I would give for the Alex vs Hugo staredown to return…

It gives the characters some added personality. Plus they normally look cool as well. Like Yun and Yang doing double backflips onto the stage past each other.

I’m more interested in the game playing well BUT I think that given the probably smaller size of the cast these sort of touches should not be overlooked. Things like this engrain in players memory both long time and casual. It helps flesh out the characters beyond just their technical stuff but turns them into actual characters.

They should take a page from MKX and give everyone special intros.


And if we’d have to give up something for it (development is all about allocating resources after all), I’d give up, say dual language voices for every character (just give them one voice in their “native” language)

I feel like they’ll leave that out why? If they add special intros they know fans will bitch about characters not having their own stages or not having classic stages return. We know Capcom is extremely lazy and won’t take the time and effort to add these.

I’d kill to have some of the old stages return sf2,sf3,Sfex and alpha stages

Absolutely, gives the game more personality instead of simple, “well here is you opponent…might as well fight”.
Small touches like these do add to the game and show that both developers are passionate about the game and are thinking about the fanservice.

So long as there’s a rivalry between two girls and in their opening… they kiss.

how could you NOT want this in:

I never understood why Capcom was so mediocre with that kind of thing. Like, I know you don’t care about your story line, but you could have gone out of your way to make the intro’s more exciting, ffs.

SFA3 was the time when Capcom gave the biggest fuck about the SF story, hence why you saw all those special intros. SF4 was a major push in that direction, hence why we did get special intros for rival battles only. But then you have something like MK9 and MKX which really blows everything out of the water in this department. Granted MK spends a lot of their resources on fan services because that is where the money is for them. SF never needed that to succeed in the past, but it really helps to show a side of Capcom that we rarely see when it comes to SF. You know, the one where they give a fuck about their intellectual property and not just our money.

Absolutely they should return. I mean come on, look at the awesome vids Intuitive2011 posted, Guile fighting Charlie or Chun Li should not trigger the same reaction as Guile fighting Yun (someone he doesn’t know). They add personality and depth, because come on, there are some people that the fighters have formed friendly bonds, heated rivalry, or flirtation, it’s nice to see that referenced instead of some generic “Let’s us barrel!” intro.

They wouldn’t even hurt resources that much; just because they’re in 3d, doesn’t mean they have to make them super long, drawn out and fancy. If anything save that for rivalries or endings if they’re using the ingame engine.

I like when Capcom balances the main gameplay with some extras, everyone benefits. Plus, with that sweet sweet Sony money, they can afford to push things a bit farther.

Yes of course. Better then having characters just be a mutes the whole time. Adds characters and personality.

Poor @d3v is outvoted 27-1 right now. Mr. Grumpy pants.

I guess maybe there should have been a “as long as it doesn’t affect the development of actual moves for characters to use in matches” or something.

I’m not saying I don’t want them, but they’re not really something I consider important. If they’re added, then cool, if not, then meh.

Definitely, it adds more character development & more personality for the characters.

Technically SFIV does have intros during rival fights. But it would be nice to have short intros and outros in regular fights as well. Maybe there would be certain moves you have to finish off your opponent with to allow for an outro to occur. Like the round ends in a special outro if you defeat Sagat with Ryu using a dragon punch. Lol, like Sagat’s scar reopens, but that would obviously be too graphic.

Very true, there is something like that in the Alpha series too with rival fights in addition to the other unique intros. Special outros is a pretty unexplored idea in SF series though AFAIK. That’d be cool. It’d be a lot of work but that’s a neat idea.

I just would like more unique intros and ones that aren’t exclusive to arcade mode.

I actually kind of hope that the story is played out a bit better in SF5 compared to other SF games even though I would be totally happy with an SF game with no story at all. If they include one I’d like they to do it justice.