Special Color Palette 2 broke ~ fix?

I’ve seen a lot of posts on this error, The last 4 colors in this pack do not work for many in the customization screens. I’m on xbox360 ~ maybe a ps3 error too.

The last 4 colors show the “cart” icon as if you need to download them, click em go to download and it says you already have them blah blah blah…

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

I was wondering if anyone tried to delete the saved game data files for this pack off the hard drive and tried to do a fresh re-download and if that worked? Not sure if I want to try this yet in case it wipes out my old color settings. If this does work which saved file would it exactly be?

They were only supposed to release 2 color packs with 4 colors each. There is an extra color pack showing in the customize menu, but there is no way to download the unlock key. You’ll just have to wait until they release it.

Im on ps3 and neither color pack works both giving the “you need to download this pack to use” message then followed by the “you cannot download this pack at this time” when you try. This includes the “capcom” color pack that was just officially released. Apparently from what Ive seen from other sources it’s completely random whether it works or not…

Ive tried through the game.

I’ve gone to the PS store and downloaded and installed the color pack from there (which says 100% download and installs). Still doesnt work.

I have the same problem with the new gems.

I can only d/l one of the packs.

Why is it so hard to just give us orange?

I thought it was pointless how people were tweaking over the glowing neons, but I’m seriously dreading the shiny/metallic/oiled up colors. Or at least, I’m not going to use them.

The metallic/plastic colors really aren’t bad actually. I wish they’d have released these instead of the neon shit, which blinds the hell out of me…

Liquid Metal Juri and Julia though? Loving it. :-p

I want that red so bad!

I agree that the metallic colors are not as bad as the neon ones. I hope there is a metallic silver, so I can make Terminator Akuma.

Let’s just say it looks better on some character than others.

The neon ones was a big WTF to me except the green neon one cuz green my fav color lol. I really want that gold metallic though !

Im still very confused on why they even would create color palletes later and unlock em later in time…

Goddammit what happen to when they made all the colors at once?
Or like on Tekken you could earn Tekken money and later buy little costume segments and stuff

Reflective gold TKD pants on Juri.
Can’t touch this.
You’re welcome.

That being said, I can’t live the dream where Juri wears MC Hammer pants because my special color pack 2 is glitched as well.
Fuck this game.