Special cancels with charge characters

Hello SRK community.
I have a question regarding comboing with charge characters, specifically canceling into a special move.

I mainly play Dictator and Guile and I have a fairly solid grasp of both characters but I have a nagging problem. I **can not ** do a special cancel after more than one hit unless it is a jump in. I believe this is a result of bad form but I am not certain. For example: with bison I can do the following combo: c.lk xx double knee press. I can not however do the following combo: c.lk, c.lk xx dkp. What bothers me is that I can do this: j.hp, s.hp, psycho crusher. Another thing that bothers me is that I see videos of people doing combos of things exactly like what I explained above. I am wondering am I missing something about the charge function in combos (I kind of know how to precharge) or is my form really just that bad… :shake:

thanks for the help…

When you cancel from a light attack the cancel has to be really fast

for the c.lk x4 xx lk knee press you have to perfectly link the latter 3 shorts and then quickly cancel the last one.

It really is just practice. The only thing you said is that you can’t do it so the only answer to that is really “practice until you can do it”

then practice until you cant get it wrong.

So its just speed and accuracy? I can do that.

when going for the scissors, double tap the button you use. That’s how I learned how to get it down.

Don’t forget that you can not special move cancel from a normal that was chained. I play Boxer, and many new Boxer players have trouble with cr. lp, cr. lp, cr. lk xx headbutt. What they’re doing is chaining the cr. lk from the cr. lp. In this game, you can not cancel into a special move from a normal that was chained, but you CAN cancel into a special move from a normal that was linked. This is assuming that normal is special move cancellable.

The way I do his cr.lks into Scissors kicks is by negative edging it. Can’t seem to do it any other way personally :confused:
You have to hit the crlk by linking, on the third one I just press it a little longer, move the stick to forward and release.

You just have to practice, practice and practice until you get it down.

This is your answer.

What is happening is, when you do cr.LK > cr.LK xx Scissors, you are chaining the cr.LK, which removes its ability to cancel into a special. If you link it, it’ll come out just fine.

Cr.LK isn’t a chainable special; it can only be linked. The cancel window is probably being missed. Try cancelling with a negative edge.

Can someone explain negitive edge, or link me a page?

edit: never mind.

When you press a button in Street Fighter, you’re actually registering two inputs: one for pressing the button itself, and one for releasing it and allowing it to return to neutral. That’s what negative edge is. You can, for example, do the cr.lk x 3 into knee press by hitting (charging back) cr.lk, cr.lk, cr.lk (hold down), forward + release lk.

EDIT: Nevermind indeed.

Thanks for explaining anyway. I’ve been getting the combos more frequently during a match but your words weren’t wasted.