Speaker problem

My speaker have like a weird echo thing going on. How do I fix it?

Thanks for the vague question which would likely fit better in the computer help section. Best way to fix it is the buy a new speaker, but something tells me that’s not the answer your looking for. If you have those almost-fancy 2.1 speaker, try turning down the bass, Bass echoes well and if it’s on too high, it can sound really bad. Then try turning the volume down, crappy speakers on high volume generate a lot of noise. Make sure everything is plugged in properly as well. Then, try moving your speakers around, try and keep them away from a wall and other electronics, it could be due to some sort of magnetic wave or electromagnetic radiation (oh snap) from some other electronics.

If your still getting those problems, then buy a new soundcard and speakers and a new computer for that matter.

Sorry for the short post. I just wanted to get it out there. It sounds like I’m in the back a consert hall. There’s no umff in the sound. Very echoy. The speakers and computer are pretty new(like a year old). How would I get to my bass options?

Ok yeah its the comp. I just tried different speakers and headphones. So how do I mess with the different sound levels?

Just re-install the audio drivers…