SPD/Ultra Setup type of thing...or could be an option select if you think it is

I kinda thought this one up a few days ago…if you get the ultra on someone after you complete the setup/option select…it will do 773 damage…if it is with a Heavy spd then it will do 516 damage…EX spd would do 466…EX is quicker…so say if someone were to try and mash out a projectile ultra…then that would work perfectly in your favor (because every good gief player knows that EX spd can grab through projectiles ultra’s IF timed right)
But I hope this will help…thank you for those who viewed the video

…lol you should just delete this thread

Ultra 1 setups are all about surprising your opponent in a situation where they did not think to hold up / mash shoryuken or backdash. I think it the setups you decide on are player specific. Thi one will come down to how people react to the reset.

I have been using cr.hp FADC ultra 1 purely to troll people. It makes no sense to seriously waste two bars of meter to press & pray when you had a guaranteed ultra in the first place.

is it really THAT bad?

it’s useless against good opponent, and it’s needless against scrubs.