Spark Rising - It's like Minecraft without the mines or the crafting (support the Kickstarter!)

Looks to be a fun sandbox battle arena game (MOSA?) where you can build whatever you want from items to enemies to giant robots you can pilot to houses or anything. Unlike other Voxel based crafting simulators, the focus of this game appears to be the combat. You can work cooperatively, competitively, or solo in online and offline modes including a campaign mode, also conquest mode where you try to control as much land as possible.

UPDATE 1: Avatar, New Tiers & Rewards

UPDATE 2: Teaser Trailer, Play the Prototype Build

Think of exo-suits as giant mech outfits you jump into. They instantly increase your size, speed, firepower, and more. Each exo-suit has distinct class-based abilities, which have certain strengths and weaknesses depending on how you tackle a skirmish.

You can bring several exo-suits with you into battle from a collection of many. Unlike other class-based games, where you are locked into one role, you can switch out of your exo-suit while in battle. This isn’t instant though, you have to jump out of one suit to get into another, sort of like taking control of a vehicle. During that transition timeframe, you are vulnerable, so you have to be smart about how and when you want to switch up suits.

Blocky Minecraft art style is ass like your ability to use the search function or google.

Your own thread says individual threads for low key games have a place on GD. This campaign is pretty god damn low key considering it doesn’t have many backers and no one is talking about it, not even that thread. Furthermore, that thread doesn’t have kickstarter or indiegogo in the name, how is anyone supposed to find it? No one searches the word “crowdsourcing” for kickstarter campaigns and I’m not going to scroll through 15 pages of GD threads to find the off chance there is maybe a related thread.

It sounds to me like you’re just trying to redirect to your thread and frankly I don’t care. I didn’t make a thread for every game I’m backing, which is quite the handful, I made a thread for this ONE game that doesn’t have a big name behind it, isn’t getting a lot of attention, and isn’t the same idea copypasted over and over again like half the games on Kickstarter. If the mods feel I’ve done something wrong then let them close the thread or merge it or whatever.

Also, it’s a voxel art style. Minecraft didn’t invent voxels.