Spanksgiving Cincinnati, OH 11/17/07

Thanks 2 everyone that showed up here 2 Cincinnati 4 this event. The event was fun & it was all thanks 2 the ppl that came here 2 play, those that helped run the tournaments, & those that brought equipment in 2 make the tourney possible. We couldn’t have done it w/out ya guys. Thank you. :china:

I just wanna thank GameCity & all its employees 4 hosting the event 4 us. It was a lot of fun. Also, I wanna thank Josh for all the hard work he put in2 this event 2 make the tourney happen. I was glad 2 help ya out in making this possible. :tup:

Here’s the results for all the tournies:

Tekken 5: DR

1st. Sluch (Feng Wei)
2nd. Derrick Legend (Julia, Kazuya, Law, Anna)
3rd. SonThemAll (Eddy, Jack-5, Anna)
4th. DiegoElFuego (Lili, Kazuya)
5th. Spearl (Ganryu)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

1st. Zinac
2nd. Chickenfat
3rd. Weget
4th. Jbeene
5th. Wekk
5th. Doragon Koroshi

Third Strike

1st. Chickenfat
2nd. WSOP
3rd. Jbeene
4th. Yettighettoslang
5th. Arkayne
5th. Tiberious

Super Smash Brothers Melee

1st. Kel
2nd. Dan Thau
3rd. Megachuk
4th. Avery Thau
5th. Quivo
5th. Steve

Damn Sluch and Spearl…
Really wish I could have made it

How did Spearl get 5th? Did you lose to Derrick again? lol.

Chickenfat getting 2nd in GGAC? This tourney was rigged…lol.

Props to the winners. Sucks MKT didn’t go down, I shoulda been there.

I choked. But i had fun good shit to everyone. sluch u should definitely have it agian

OKAY!!! Gonna give my shout outs now. Had a gr8 tyme @ the tourney btw kids.

Arkayne- We gotta get together and play sometime, cincy and dayton crews represent. Your 1337 skills with the hot girl @ ms fields cookies. How are you such a stud muffin?! Orderin a small soda and the bitch gives your a LARGE!! Nigga you should give her a LARGE in her mouth!! hope to sea you soon son

Josh Q “pid” ueen- You whooped my ass what can i say, yet you did get DENGINED!!!
you kno my necro too well, im workin on my mixups for those top whores bitches!

Doode i was playin in Garou for a hot minute. I forget your name man but you had a marvel zombies hoodie on and my gato was reekin havoc until that jae hoon put a stop to it.

Diego- SVC PLUS!!! that is all.

Derek Legend- AMAZING matches in the tourney! akuma vs necro, we had that shit hype!!! always a pleasure

Sluch- nice meeting you, lets keep this shit alive son!!

ANNNND special thanks to tiberious aka Mike South!!! You is the illest nigga on this side of the river, dont stop what you do son your on the up n up orlando bloomin onion

Congrats to my doode chickenfat, Q is a MONSTER!!! had a gr8 tyme lets get this shit goin in cincy/nky/columbus/fuck it midwest kiddies ftw!!

What’s up everyone. I don’t have time right now, but after I get outta class 4 2day, I’ll post up my props & shout-outs 2 everybody.

Later everyone. Peace. :china:

Good shit on 3s frank and josh.

Alright! Time 2 give my shout-outs & props 2 all my peeps:

Derrick Legend: Derrick, we had some damn good matches in Tekken bro. It was crazy. I still don’t know how I came out of losers bracket & won the tourney. I guess it was homefield advantage 4 me I suppose. :lol: Good job on busting out some insane Julia skills as always & also good job on busting out some solid skills w/ Kazuya & Law as well. I wasn’t expecting u 2 bust out those characters @ all. Good shit brotherman.

Spearl: That Ganryu of urs is mad nasty as always. Even though u didn’t do as well as u wanted 2 in the tourney, u still came thru & took all our money in MMs. :lol: Good shit there! Also, good shit on locking me down w/ ur Ganny. U were giving me problems as always w/ him. Also, I was liking ur skills w/ Marduk & Eddy as well. Our Capoeria matches were a lot of fun. Go Christie! Lol. Good shit as always bro & thanks 4 coming down here 2 Cincy & 4 helping me out in the Tekken tourney whenever u could. We’ll get something 2gether like this again soon hopefully.

SonThemAll: Brandon, u were busting out some mad nasty shit w/ Eddy, Jack-5, & Anna. Good job in the tournament bro. You played Danny very well & it paid off 4ya. Mad props 4 doing what u did in the tourney. Ur play in Tekken was awesome!

Diego: Good shit 2ya as well in Tekken bro. Ur Lili & Kazuya were giving me headaches all day in the tourney & @ casuals. I’m very impressed w/ how u used them. Good shit there Diego.

Krono: Kris, good job in the tourney bro. Even though you would probably say “No it wasn’t!” or some other things of that nature. I think u did very damn well & played really good against everyone that was there. Good shit my friend!

Wolfman: Nick, good job in the tourney bro. U were doing some very good things w/ Steve. You had some close matches that could have went either way. Nicely done on ur play. Just remember 2 work on some of the things I mentioned 2ya after the tournament, & I think you’ll be doing great in no time.

Jbeene: Josh, good shit once again on getting this tourney 2gether. U rocked that shit out. It was great 2 helpya out w/ this. We’ll have 2 get this thing going on a regular basis hopefully. Good shit on doing well in all ur games bro. I saw u tearing some shit up.

Arkayne: Weak sauce my friend, weak sauce! LOL! I’m glad u could make it down bro. That sucks we couldn’t get our Tekken battles in. We’ll have 2 do that sometime soon. I don’t know when, but I’m gonna try 2 get something 2gether 4 everyone from Cincy & Dayton 2 get 2gether & get a big day of games in against one another.

Chickenfat: Nicely done in GGXXAC & 3S bro. Whoopin some ass & taking some names. Lol. That sucks we didn’t get our casuals in @ all in Tekken, 3S, or ST. I’ll make it a point next time around 2 do that.

Yettighettoslang: Luke, it was nice meetin’ ya brotherman. Ur cool as hell & cool 2 chill w/. I’m definately wanting 2 pick up another game sometime soon. I might have 2 have u, Josh, Derrick, & the rest of you guys teach me how 2 play some 3S or ST one of these days.

Mingie: It was nice meetin’ ya 2 bro. Once again, thanks 4 picking me up 4 the tourney & 4 help runnin’ SSBM. It was greatly appreciated. It was hella cool chillin’ w/ya as well. Paying 4 no parking @ the Levee is where it’s @. Lol.

Thanks 2 everyone that came out 4 the tourney & 2 those who helped in any way possible 2 make this happen. It was great & it would not have been possible w/out ya guys.

Take it easy everyone & have a good one. Peace. :china:

Great tourney seems to be much more fun that usual!

The other are always too competitive haha!


Yetighettoslang: Man you are one crazy dude ! Yes I got a free large soda from the girl at the counter! Heh… Im too sexy man , whats can I say?? Great matches we had.

Josh: Low tier marvel = WIN

Chickenfat.: why o why man… its always me and you in fight for winners… good shit man! Keep up that q work!

Keith: Nice games dude , LCD = bad for makoto EX hayate whiffs? wtf haha
We will have to get together sometimes for some matches!

Sluch: man I know we couldnt get our match! But weak sauce is everywhere man… MKT you better prepare.

Spearl: ha! I got a perfect on yo weakself in tekken… HAHAHAHHA step yo game up!

WSOP: I beleive im thinking of the right person , Ill have to take some pointers from you in SSF2T.

All IN All great tourney guys! FREE TSHIRTSSS

WSOP taught me ST as well. You should definitely take some pointers from him.

weeeeeeeaahhhhh!!! (<-----chickenfat call)so much fun!! cinci is so awesome!..or was it kentucky?..LOL!i dont know anymore!!anywho

arkayne-its simply fate mi amigo!EVERY TOURNAMENT!LOL!! cant believe it.but always a pleasure to hang with you…stud muffin? look human to me:) get something together in dayton so i can come play with you guys!!AND GIVE YOU THIS MKT DISC!!!love you man!(*ummmm,like a brother of course,lol)

daddyneptune-ashamed you didnt come…so ashamed:)

KT-who told you it was rigged! ill destroy the planet!lol!! sucks you couldnt come dude.but yes,when you guys get something together,call me!arkayne has my number.

josh Q-Q matches!!hahaaha!great games my friend!hopefully we can play more in the future.that Q is solid!ken?sa2?lol!love it!

WSOP-great games we had dude,and way to come at full force in our matches.loved both your hugo and ken.hope i see you soon again as well!

keith-remy!!!..or wait…chun?LOL!suprised me man with that pick!wheres the low teir love?its ok,still love your remy more though:) great games.sorry i couldnt get more casuals in with you:( but next time!!!be ready!!ahhaa!

yeti-necro is…the shocker!lol!great stuff at this thing.hopefully ill see you guys again at some event…’

im tired,more shout outs later,iswear.

hail yea! good shit from everyone who came out! Tonite me n keith were talkin about a tourney @ his new duplex hes movin into this weekend. Were plannin on sometime in December, so keep checkin these forums kiddies. Actually we would like to have another game city tourney, with the night b4 being a non profit tourney @ keiths. everyone can crash there the night b4. hopefully somethin like this can go down. More details later, but everyone who came to Spanksgiving (and those who couldnt make it) is more than welcome to come. Cincy/C BUS/ Dayton lets keep this shit alive and scar some DNA.

Glad I didn’t show. I thougiht you guys were playing Marvel and ST, too.

Yeah thanks for the compliments. I wish I played 3s more than once every 6 months, LOL. I’m too far behind on the times…was fun for a little turnout. Wish that one dude would have played me in ST…he chickened out after I beat his ass 10 straight with Gief…I should have let him win…lol…HUSTLA

You talking about the guy that used Akuma and got PERFECTED by Gief?

yeah,i understand.ppl are soooo busy these days!work and school are swamping me a bit these days,but i try to get a little practice in.always want to get better.and i know i will.and when i do,im buying pizza for the whole tourney!lol! believe it!!

ps.yeah sluch!sorry we didnt get to match.i didnt even get to see your face!lol!but dont worry,it will happen…in the world of tommorrow!:slight_smile:

Go go go gief.

Good shit chickfat. Way to rep that man Q.

Wish i coulda come for some 3s goodness and to have Frank school me in some ST.

Shit, I gotta learn that game sooner or later.

Ayo good looks in the Tekken Sluch…all you DR guys are fierce. I can’t do ANYTHING without gettin punished. But it’s good for me to step that part of my game up.

3S guys…YOU LUCKED OUT THIS TIME lol. Like I told some of ya’ll my crazy ass ex girlfriend stole my PS2 controllers and Accent Core from me so I haven’t picked up that or 3S in a while. I’m comin for that ASS next time tho. Chickenfat, we really need to get some Q vs. Urien goin again, and Luke I wanna demolish your Necro!

Overall good shit ya’ll. I enjoyed myself.

yeah son!that was unfortinute what perspired with your ex.some women are just a little crazy.take that new boondocks episode for!! but yeah man,i hope you get to practice more at some point so me and you can have our epic battles again!i long for urien action,hahaha!and thanx humbag!sorry you couldnt show,but travelling back to ohio after 2 weeks would have kinda sucked huh?its ok,ill probably see you again in the near future and we can hang.have to learn that Q/ dudley matchup sooner or later:) have to get stronger if im ever going to be able to defeat shenlong,HAHAHAAHA!ST HUMOR!!yes!!!

what was the headcount on this event?