**SOVA Tourney @ PAGG** - Newport News, VA - 4/13/08

No clue why the other one got deleted but whatever.

April 13th
Play A Round Golf and Games
10814 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA 23601
Tekken Dark Resurrection
$10 Entry
60/30/10 pay out
Tekken Dark Resurrection Teams
(2 on 2)
$5 Entry each
70/30 pay out
Tekken Tag
Side tournament $5 entry.
Winner takes all.

More Games.
Smash Brawl
(I’m not running these personally but they will be played.)

There is a $2 Venue fee for all console games.

*copied from TZ

after this tournament I don’t plan on attending another until 3/14/14…JESUS WILL BE THERE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY :open_mouth:

i try to make this

who wants to Money Match me in golf on the red course… $1 a hole and $5 for total score…

ill also accept money matches in the following:

-The jumprope jackpot game, give me 3 tries to complete it or ill give you 3 tries to complete it
-frog olympics
-bust a move
-MERCS (who can make it farther)
-Sunset riders (who can make it farther)
-Sengoku 3 (who can make it farther and longest combo)
-altered Beast (who can make it farther)


I will take the money match in the frog game.

ill mm anybody in marvel super heroes

do they have the jumprope jackpot game at PAGG? i may have to go just to sponsor Slogan…

thats the jumprope thing i was talking about :smiley:

Bumpin this shit.

One week left, practice up. I know you won’t!

ill be there.

ill MM anyone in Metal slug 2. (who gets farther)

The will be a marvel/3s training session in VABeach this coming saturday. PM me for details.

i Challenge OJ4 to a Hardees match in 3S!!!

winner gets a cheese steak burger son!



10x…I have been trying to reach you…I am coming to hold my console tourny on the side…same format as last time…games will be 3rd strike, mvc2 and cvs2…round robin 2v2 format…$10 for all 3 games…lets have hella fun bro…c u sunday…If anyone can bring an extra tv…that would be hot…syberninja maybe…any extra sticks(even converters) for dreamcast and ps2 would be a good look…


Nasty. Cheese-steak burgers, 3S, Marvel, side tourneys? There may be side effects…

So, it’s 9pm and the tourney was scheduled for 3p. How was it?

As of right now the tournament should be close to ending…

the turnout was pretty good, I believe. Due to lack of TV’s 3s, Marvel, and CVS2 took longer to run.

i have no idea what the deal was with Smash but it seemed to be very well run (IMO), tekken should be posting results soon, that one i have no idea how far in advance they were…

eric v and whodat has the results…

they should be posted within the next few days

Whodat owes me 5$