Southwest Players: Evo Thread

alright well we have Evo Fast approaching so its about time for everyone to start getting there plans in order,

Traveling around to different areas around here i see alot of Southwest players want to attend evo but havent really made any plans other then that, so this thread is for the southwest skilled players or free players (Chuvy) to get ready


  1. Post up if you plan on going to evo
  2. Are going and looking for roomates
  3. Looking for a carpool
  4. or just post up to talk about evo

I think its probablly a good idea for us all to room together or close to each since we all pretty much know each other, and if u dont you probablly should, but we’ll discuss that later.

I’ve registered for Evo already, SSF4 and MK9. I’ll be flying and having a hotel with two beds. Like, reservations have already been made and stuff, but I need 3 other people to commit to room with so that I’m not spending 100 bux a night to go to vegas. superdeeduperhypeforthis.

im planning on going to evo with Hsien, rooming with Hsien, teaming up with Hsien, and im only going to evo for the slim chance that Hsien will speak two words to my unworthy presence

Hsien asked Ryan A. if he could beat the computer. :3 Also, with that whoooooole room to yourself you got any roomates??? bringing any corpus people???

yea i know for a fact im going i just dont know yet roomates and all that

thats funny your the first person to ask me that LOLLLLL jk…

ummmmm if they get me the 1k a night room its going off lol…but ya cc people are expected but that doesnt mean people cant stay with me should their accommodations go awry. except fro…and hugo101 LOLLLLL

Hey Jewelman I hope u know im gonna beat u and become NUMBER 1 in the WORLD!!!

so i told my parents that I planned on driving to las vegas and they were like, “like hell you are, let us pay for your flight.” :smiley:


Here is an idea I had for the guys wanting to go to EVO. I can book a luxary bus to take a group of us to vegas for a very low rate. If we can get enough people together it will be about $130 a person which is not bad compared to an expensive flight. This is open to all cities not just San Antonio plus the bus holds 55 people. Let me just add this is no greyhound bus either its pretty damn sweet and would be good to go as a group and we can get some matches in as we go as well. Let me know what yall think I can get it together we just need to get enough people together.

Is there a list for that? Im down for the bus, put my 130 down!

dont waste your $$$$ going to evo kthx

I want to start putting the list together anyone who is interested just send me a message and I will put you on the list. I will keep everyone updated on the status of everything and when we need to turn in the deposit.

Well like I said, put me down!

I will be attending evo . Eeeee

I would be willing to ride on the bus!

Yo, put me down on this as well.

I’ll be attending Evo as well, and would love a seat on the bus.
I’m not sure on the rooming situation but I’ll keep you informed.
This is gonna be sick!

yea and you already know im down for the bus

That bus idea sounds cool, but what cities are you passing through? ABQ always has about 15-20 people hittin’ up EVO, assuming it’ll be the same, if not more, this year. Oh, and do you know that dates and who’s driving it? Just wondering; thanks in advanced. :slight_smile: