Southern Illinois University (SIU) fighters

Anyone play AE around SIU?

I live by SIUE. I’ve been thinking about starting a fighting game scene down here since there really isn’t one, but I’ve been rather busy with my new job. If we can get enough members together. We can start meeting up a couple times a month.

I say everyone who is interested should post here and we will go from there.

Do you play on live or psn?
Wanna get some games in?

I play on psn, but i’m leaving for work soon. You can add me on psn if you’d like.

send me a message on srk if youre free for some games today.

I’ll add you to psn tomorrow. Hope to fight with you soon.

You serious man?

I’ll be back around that way for a month in January. Ridgway, about 1.5 hours away from Carbondale.

Let’s get some matches in, see if I can do anything against that Sagat now.

sure thing

Awesome, I’ll get at you when I get back in the States.

I’m back Stateside come January 10th. Let you guys know when I get a phone activated.

Yo yo.
I’m in the SIU area!

I play on PC, but I’m always looking to play some IRL matches on any platform you want!

Send friend request via GFWL: Minrus

anyone wanna game today?
my place is open and I have a car.
i’m willing to drive anyone thats interested in playing tonight.

We’re having a tournament in southern Indiana coming up real soon! We’ll be playing UMvC3 and SSBM. I’d love to see some Illinois players there because I know (at least in SSBM) that the skill level is pretty high there.

Check out the tournament thread here:

And make sure to sign up on the Facebook event page!

Since this thread was kicked not too terribly long ago. Just tossing out that there is a small community growing in West Frankfort and Herrin not too far away from SIU in Carbondale.

how often do you guys meet?

Not really a set schedule. We mainly meet at a friends place in Herrin on nights people are free to play. I can link the Facebook page we started up when I get home. Sorry for the late reply.

Alright page just started up but we keep finding more and more people around here that play games. Last big thing that went on was a 3 day long party/tournament during the evo weekend.

Man, if only WF was building up while I was still in Harrisburg.

Going to join your FB group. I’ll be back in SoIL for the winter.

That isn’t very far from me at all. I’ll join that facebook when i get home from work.

Been busy and we have not had anything going on as of late due to classes starting again for most of us but it’s good to see that more people are interested.