Southeast China

While I did post in the HK thread, it didn’t feel right to clog that thread with information from Mainland China. So for easier viewing, I decided to pull this into a new thread instead.

I’m currently going around the area to find the local fgc, so I’ll be posting some info here for folks interested in visiting Southeast China.

What I found so far:

Guangzhou, Tianhe, TeeMall - 6(?) floor: half of the floor is pretty much all one arcade, and boy are there a lot of games - from shooters, to the crane machines, to driving simulators and music-base, there’s a whole lot.

And for the more important part, there is a large number of fighting game cabs - I think I counted 20+? I’ll have to revisit to make sure. As expected, it’s pretty much a KOF centric arcade, with UM, 97, 98, 02, 13 and more. About 80% are KOF. There are 2 SF4 cabs, one AE and the other AE 2012, while there are 2 3D Gundam cabs, and 6 Tekken cabs.

If you’re in the area, you should definitely visit.

Shenzhen, Renmin S., Minclub (?) - 1 floor: there’s a good amount dedicated to the arcade, with a McDonalds just down the hall. There are tons of fighting games here, with a greater variety to the Tianhe one. For example, I saw: Blazblue CS, Melty Blood AC, Hokuto no Ken, Blitzkampf, CvS2, Tekken 6 - and of course, there were a lot of KOF cabs as well.

Unfortunately, many of the cabs had faulty or outright broken parts. Most of the joysticks had misaligned (or broken) switches, the buttons half the time did not work, a few cabs had too large resolutions, resulting in only half the screen able to be seen.

Shenzhen, Dongmen, Laojie Shopping Center, Mickey3: Comparable to the Tianhe arcade, though it did have games like Blazblue, HnK. Actually, I haven’t tried it out yet since I was on business at the time, but I’ll check it out sometime in the near future. Edit: I tried it out. Other games include: Tekken 6, KOF UM, UM (02), 00, 96, 97, 98, 12, 13, Gundam, a 3D DBZ fighting game, Soul Calibur, and more. Very good quality, and there was no shortage of interest in non-KOF games. (I played a lot of BBCS, for instance)

The only qualms I had was that the Blazblue Continuum Shift (not CS2) cab had major frame rate issues, and that most of the KOF cabs had a slightly different button layout:

P P K compared to K P K
B B K compared to P B B

(B being a plugged hole.) So very annoying.

Shenzhen, Dongmen, Laojie Shopping District, Hacker: E-Game: literally right across the street from Mickey3. It’s a bit smaller though, with far fewer cabs - though the fighting game cabs are on a different floor. Again, there were a lot of KOF cabs, though there were some vanilla SF4, Tekken 6 and Blazblue. However, some cabs had their buttons wired up weirdly:

On one SF4 cab, it was:
1P 2P 4P
1K 2K 4K

and for BB, one cab had -

2P 3P 1K (or whatever its correspondent PS3 buttons are)