South Shore Showdown Amityville/Massapequa NY 3/19/2011

Blu Planet Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament 3/19/11

This will be the first of (hopefully) many monthlies at Blu Planet Comics and Games. The venue is located in south shore long island very close to the Sunrise Mall.

It is a good halfway point between western and eastern long island. It is also within walking distance from the Amityville Train station, which is on the Babylon Line of the Long Island Rail Road.

Blu Planet Comics and Games
45 Merrick Rd
Amityville, NY, 11701
Phone: 631-565-7005

Saturday March 19, 2011
Tournament is planned to start at 4PM following an in shop signing with old school wrestling star Hacksaw Jim Duggan (which runs 1PM-3PM)

Come early to check out the shop, meet Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and of course, register for the event. Casuals will run from tear down of the signing event until the tournament begins, and afterward.

What Games
Marvel vs Capcom 3

The shop has 360 as its main console, but there can be a ps3 available as well.
They are planning on running more games at future tournaments.

$5 House Fee
$5 Entry (goes to winners pot)

Double Elimination
All games but the Grand Finals will be best of three. Grand finals will be best of five.
[]No rapid/turbo settings shall be activated during the match.
]Mapping of buttons is permitted.
[*]Pausing during the match will result in automatic disqualification for the pauser

FIRST PLACE- 75% of the entry pot
SECOND PLACE- 25% of the entry pot

Other Details
The house is willing to provide sticks (owner said he would try to get Madcatz TE sticks), but until I get more details and confirmation, it will be Bring Your Own Controller or use house controllers. Borrow from/lend out controllers/sticks at your own risk.

There is a Five Guys and a very good pizza place adjacent to the shop. There are even more (cheap and quality) food places within walking distance. (I’d say check out Blue T’s Pizza, or All-American Burgers, which is a little farther west, but worth the quick trip).

The shop is great, and the owner is a solid guy. Hopefully we can revive and build up the community in the same area that once housed Galaxy and Time Out.

*All rules and information subject to change.

short drive from a train station on the babylon line

I don’t know anything about MvC3, but if SSF4, BB:CS or GGXX will be there, I’l definitely come for some casual play :slight_smile:

ill be there

Almost positive ill be there

Just spoke to the owner of the venue. There are three monitors, one is a large LCD screen. I have not played on that one yet to determine any lag.

The venue will provide three xbox 360s.

Also, the downloadable characters that were just released will not be available for this tournament. They will probably be available for future ones, but because they were just released, the owner said he would not run Jill or Shuma Gorath.

going in on hacksaw jim duggan

I will only be there if they supply a PS3 system. Please talk to the owner and get things done. I beg of you

Sabu from ECW was just added today for Saturday get hype

get Hacksaw HYPED!

oh man, sorry I missed this. I have tried talking to him about it, and he seemed like he wanted uniform 360s, but I will bring my ps3 and try to push this issue. Joe, if you are reading this, the people want some PS3 love! You do have to understand that having mixed consoles might impede on the flow of the tourn though.

If anything, I’ll have it there to possibly run some SFIV casuals or something. Now, if anyone can lug an extra TV…

I’ll bring an extra CRT and 360 setup.

edit I’m blind saw the number. I’ll call if I am running late

sorry i cant make it, next time im there.

Shit was awesome. Had a great time!