South PR 3S Tournament

Here are the results for the last friday tournament, sorry for the late guys

  1. AJ (Yun)(code name Red Dragon, too good with genei-jin, new combos never seen before)
  2. Lassic ( Ken ) super art III
  3. Sent67 (Urien) super art III
  4. Fatal (Akuma ) super art III
  5. Lone Wolf ( Duedly) super art I
  6. Jack ( Hugo ) super art I
  7. Javi ( Ryu ) super art I
  8. some guy ( oro)
  9. Guillo ( Necro ) super art I (how much you learn with jammar)
  10. Fred (??)
  11. Javier Bracer ( Ken) super art II

Wtf, no one told me about this!

AJ cabrn, dnde rayos fu ese torneo?


Congratulations on the win AJ. Your Yun must be good. Also u too Setinel.

AJ, you should tell us about these tournaments. I actually had the time/gas to make it to the south today/last weekend… Oh well.

where is this 3rd strike tournament place at?

Puerto Rico. They must be studying the “Best of Ne” tape I sold them! :slight_smile:

Lol if sold you guys a tape of the best of CA you’d be studying it for years :lol:

Cali sux in 3s. You dont have anyone but Valle,Choi,and Posadas. Everyone else does not even play it. They just play Marvel and ST. They should let me use Gill!

The Twins Rule!
The Real Twins!

Cesar, you NEVER EVER play 3S, when we play it you never ever want to play it. Gandido, you have come to Ponce just one time in your life to play us, just wait yo dic28 for the 3on3 tournament, i dont want to show you what we got, especially the clon of cameron that we have in here with tokido combos call Sent67, i have some combos that you have never seen that take from 50 to 75% with Yun grrr i mean Red Dragon never seen in videos.

Pyrolee i dont think cali players are that good, i bet my money to the NE players. I REALLY think team USA could do better with other players.


Death by Aegis

We are having a national tournament in dic28, we’ll have around 40 people of all PR, i will record the finals, if i send a video of the best matches will you put them online??? 'cause i dont know how,

You heard gandido, the tournament in dic will include all the people of plaza las americas, Malvin and will take care of it, no alpha or SFII

Hey, whatever rocks your boat son. We’ll separate that day for 3S. A3 and/or ST/CvS2/Whatever we can pull off will have to be the next day. I REALLY need you guys to come for all the tournies, or else it’s going to suck (mostly :bluu: )

I might have a different character for this tournament (NO IBUKI?! WHAA?!?!) but then again I might not. Up to you to find out.


PS: Call me h04r:lol:

Nah we’re the best.

you cannot say that

AJ: Just so you know, I got the goods earlier yesterday. I’ll try doing that copy for you as soon as I can.

Yeah they can, they have George Posadas, and many others. We only have a select few.
But dont think I think your Yun is going to beat my Sean Pyro.:evil:

Throw it out, John! :slight_smile:

I just don’t think the rest of the USA is on so cal’s level. And we have John D, he throws out the reflector on verbal command.

S’true. The mid-level Cali players could move to Bumfuck Idaho and live as SF Gods.


Shit so could I…:lol:

Seriously though. Cali owns 3s right now. They got George, Valle, Choi, J.R and all the really good Shatto players. and don’t forget Pyrolee! :lol: j/k man. but for real, u better bring a couple pairs of shoes…hehe.

But that shit will change at N-Cubed. 7th place is up for grabs bitches. Cuz Japan is taking 1st - 5th, unless hell freezes over that night…:lol:

Japan is going to N-Cubed? :confused: What japanise players will be attending?.

6 players from Japan. We know 3 of their names. Mester, Chikyuu & INO. and 3 other players and 1 of them is female.