South Jersey Burlington County/Camden County FGC, Local play

I’m looking to play locally closer to me. I recently just played at a cool place but sadly it’s a little far from me so I’m looking for players around this area.

How far are you from Tom’s River?

Mays Landing area here


nice, i know peeps from there. I live right outside philly, but im interested in seein where people play at in south jersey. what places do you get out and play/used to play, theres gotta be somethin in like AC or maybe absecon

I’m very far from Tom’s River, I live in Maple Shade

o word, I’m from maple shade even though I dont really live there now. what games do you play?

I play Ultra Street Fighter 4, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Some TTT2, Mk9, and a few others