South Gate + Surrounding Areas

LF S1 to play ssf4 casuals with (need xtra stick atm)

Yo I’m from South Gate.

I been heading to Don’s Arcade sometimes, haven’t gone lately though.

Not sure if there is somewhere closer to here that would host casuals…

Maybe i know you i was getting into the scene of sf4 but stuff came up like school and stuff, I would go but eh, i don’t really want to pay to play casuals lol. I would rather have an open garage where people can bring consoles or w.e and hook it up and let’s play… well i got a ps3 and xbox360 so it also won’t be that boring etc.

Did you go to the Gamestop tournament when SF4 barely came out?

I won in my bracket. I played Zangief. The other guy who won in his bracket was a Ryu player.

Is there an arcade place in south gate?

There hasn’t been anything like that for a number of years now. Last place (imo) was Legion Comics, but that closed down ages ago.

were is this don arcade at?
im in east l.a.

Its kinda of a far drive from East LA, but thats where people been going. I went there last night.

cool arcade but no ride to get there right now :confused: