South Florida event and grand opening of New Realms May 29th

Hello everyone, I just received this message from my friend David Adderly via Facebook:

Yo to all my gamers out there May 29th is the day for NEW REALMS FIRST GAMING PARTY @ INNER LOOK … 4925 SW 74ct MIAMI FL. 33155…be there as the future of gaming takes shape… for more info call 786-200-1165 or 786-210-1879 see you there…

Also here is the wordpress link:

New Realms

There will be a SSF4 Tourney going on also for the PS3. David will try to provide twosticks if possible he said.I’ll update as more info is given. Also Mike Hurdle from Raw Gameplay will attend an upcoming event(unfortunately it won’t be this one) and when he does attend we will try and stream a live tournament.

Attend, support, build a scene, make it a sport and have some fun.

Is they have pot money or prize for two sticks? i will be there.

David is going to try and get prizes. He’s going to try and get a stick to give a way among other things.

Look, depending on how many show up, we’ll do a $5 entry tournament and the winner will get the entire pot. Everything will be explained at the party. It’s free to get it in to the door. Just come and have a good time. It’s a grand opening.

what time it will start signup and tournament?

At 7:00

Has anyone checked out this place? Are there any pictures? It just seems a little weird, no offense.

My boy David Has, he said this place is used for other events. I also used Mapquest to get directions from my house. David is always promoting stuff. It’s legit. I met him at the Community Five Center, a while back. It was when Flash had won a small tourney with Viper; the prize was a $100 and it was at Vanilla SF4.

The event was great. Flash was also in attendance. Great stuff

How many people showed up?

an alright amount, i’d say 12 or 13 if i remember correctly.
it’s a great place and i look forward to supporting it

Do you remember how many setups they had?

just one but there was a capability for alot more since other games were going on at the time (there will be nights where it’s only street fighter)
there was going to be a 2nd set up but some guys wanted to play blazblue D:

Thanks for the information.