South end reconstruction

It has come 2 my attention that the south end ( fed way down) is lacking FAR more dedicated players as compared to the north end, and i dont think its because we dont have just as many players, we just arnt unified,alot of players dont have srk profiles, and also people need 2 speak up more, come out ur cocoons yall!!everybody has cellphones, facebooks, and some of us twitters, as long as we can all stay in touch, we should have no reason why we cant meet up @ times and thro down, so lets try to get this ball rollin

We need a south end Dojo

I think playsmart is (for right now) the best thing you guys have going for the south. True you guys have a weekly tournament there, but I think you should post up in the playsmart thread when you’ll be showing up to play. Also posting that on the playsmart facebook page will be a great idea as well.

my 2 cents.

@FrAnkDAdAnk yea im gonna try 2 keep it goin for as long as i can too, but @ the same time i still think we need more unity in the south end tho, because truthfuly, even outside the tournament im just trying 2 meet up wit people and play

I feel you there Terrance. I’ve been thinking that myself. Playsmart is cool but $10 a week adds up quick. If we could get some set ups and some sticks we could turn any place into a spot to throw down.

I actually have my own place with a few roommates in downtown Tacoma. If I run it by them, maybe we can turn my place into a temporary Dojo. I have 1 set up already, two tables for two more, and a lot of chairs (and a Foosball table for those in line to play, lol).

I dunno, just a thought.

when i was playing tekken years ago i had a MASS text list that i would notify people of news, and gatherings, and tournaments. using facebook, twitter, text and making use of distribution lists you can notify people of events in advance.

south end ranking chart would be good for hype and motavation. (if you make one terrance, create it in a way that doesnt piss every single person off)

you also mentioned something noteworthy. NO SRK profile = non dedicated player. I wouldnt waste too much time investing in a player that is too lazy or stupid to create a profile. they will drop the game and move on. keep your focus on players that wanna play.

South End ranking chart would be awesome… but it might promote a lot of saltiness.

@KrazyKoreanFrank believe it or not there are some really, really good players out here that arnt on SRK, they just wernt hip to it, but yea, making a chart would most definitly, so its settled then, from now on, im gonna start posting rankings based upon tournament wins and grudge matches, good idea frank!

PS pissin people off is the best motivation, but thats just my opinion, lol

@Shredelicious as far as the playsmart tournaments im not necessarily doin them weekly any more, im just gonna have the 1 next tuesday, then im gonna try to change the date so it fits everyones schedule, maybe even create a monthly major, i work there, so i have alot of say in how we should do it, i really wish we could do it on saturdays but thats are most productive day from the business stand point…

as far as a dojo south, me and CBea have talked about doin it @ his spot, he lives in parkland with a bunch of roommates, and we seriously thought about rearranging his living room to accommodate a dojo type feel, so if anyone is interested in that, show up 2 the playsmart tournament and we can all talk about that

PS also 10$ can add up but if u consitantly can place top 2 u will always end up making money, hence the whole reason we play in these tournaments,lol

@terrance Cool man. I’m always down for getting together anywhere, especially if I don’t have to drive for an hour, lol. It’s cool of CBea to offer up his place. That’ll be cool if it works out. If it doesn’t and you guys can’t get another spot, hit me up. I’m still pretty new in the community but my place is pretty big, and if I can help get everyone a spot to train in between monthly majors, I’ll do what I can.

I’ll be there next Tuesday so it’ll be cool to hear what you guys have planned.

And good call on makin money at PlaySmart. It’s just more reason to hit the lab. lol

sounds like to start things off, Terrance, Shredelicious, and CBea should start getting together and having some sessions. Just the three of ya’ll, you don’t need to start out on afro dojo status. Keep in mind that Monday Night Fights over at Narrow’s started with less than 10 people, and we turned that into what our scene is today.

Im sure the people i play with would be more than happy to meet up with anyone tryin to throw down. I wish i could make it out to Tacoma mall more on Tuesdays but work is a bitch. Im exited to see how this south end reconstruction will work out.

@ROX45 work and college kills everything,lol but yea im really gonna put in effort 2 make this shit happen

Not that I disagree with this statement, but the dojo is kinda south end. It’s definitely not north. Perhaps it’s too far east for y’all too though.

@Mechanica the south end is Fed way down, even kent is north to us

@Terrance Not sure what your big picture plans for the future are since you’re definitely spearheading this reconstruction, lol… but I think it would be cool if we can eventually get 3 people, with places that we can arrange for Dojo status, to host something once a month. Then we could possibly throw down once a week counting a once-a-month major at Playsmart. South End could level up so fast with a schedule like that. lol

That is my hope for the future anyway.

@Shredelicious my big picture is to get @ least 50+ dedicated players by the end of the year, and finding a prodigy(witch me and CBea think is Chris Springs) that means great turnout for tournaments(and in effect bigger cash prizes :slight_smile: more kickin it, i want 2 be able 2 go to a bar after a tourny wit set ups for money matches and what not, and all in all, i want good times playing video games

Well I don’t really wanna put these guys on alert or anything, but you guys should hit up Mikey and Kenny sometime. I’ve been over there at least 3x in the past few weeks to play Super for hours on end.

I just think people need to keep in touch with one another be it SRK or through text or whatever. Let people know where the sessions are taking place. Like for example, how many times a week do you guys play at Playsmart outside of tourney/casual pizza day? Stuff like that would be good for people to know. Why not setup some online lobbies of South End players? I know Shredder has xbl cause he added me, same with CBea. Get some good practice in. Plenty of ways to do this. :karate:

good call deezo.

speaking of Live… you down to get a set in sometime this week or weekend or something?? lol

I would definitely like to be part of the 50+ players u gather for reconstruction u have going. I know I haven’t been seen or known anywhere, but one tournament at gameclucks, but I would try my best to show up. The main reason why I haven’t been in the scene a lot is cuz of a full job and being a full time student. But I hope this thing goes well.

oh and Mandel, sorry for not hit u up after that gameclucks touney for some matches, been juggling work, school/hw, and stuff. One day though u get a surprise text lol to get some matches in.