Sound stopped working on my HP DV1000 laptop

My sound was working just fine and then this morning, it just stopped working. I think my Kernel audio device stopped working and I cant download the drivers from anywhere.

When I go to sound and audio device, it now says no audio device and it doesn’t let me choose anything.

I tried system restore but my laptop won’t restore to any earlier dates for some reason.

any help?

Hmm, might have something to do with services.

Control panel>Administration Tools>Services

Look for Windows Audio, right click and choose properties, change the ‘‘startup type’’ to Automatic and click ok. Right click again and click on restart.

Did that solve the problem?

Note: this is for winXP, also I advice you to scan for any trojans, virusses ! there might be a trojan resetting this, that would mean you’d have to start the service up everytime you reboot or power on your pc.

If it’s onboard sound check it’s still enabled in the bios.

it is an onboard sound card. it was already enabled.

i installed search and destroy and lavasoft, cleaned it all up but still no sound :frowning: