Soul Throw option select?

Check out the end of round one in the below video around 51 seconds in). Could anyone explain whether this is an option select, and if so how it might work in regards the actual inputs?



It’s a simple option select. It’ll beat Psycho Crusher and Head Stomp as they’re both airborne. Loses to backdash and teleport. Only really good if you think you’re opponent is going to do either of the former. As for inputs, you just do your safe jump and input EX Soul Throw before your jumping attack hits.

I wonder if it would be good idea to use it against 4-5 frame srk characters like Sagat and such…With them having a slow backdash we would still be able to hit them with our jumping attacks but if they tried to wake up DP…wouldn’t ex soul throw work ?
if soul throw had more horizontal range :confused:

Jumping in at sagat.

/pees pants.

its possible to jump at sagat when you knock him down

Even if this worked against 4-5 frame srk characters, it wouldn’t be particularly strong. Best case scenario, you’re wasting a bar for a low damage punish. If you actually bait a DP you’d be better off just blocking it and hitting them with a real punish, or having them waste 2 bars to make it safe. Worst case, they backdash and you eat a big punish. In that match it was a go-to move, because ex crusher isn’t punishable under regular circumstances the way a DP is, and it was going to kill. Even if Jojo had backdashed, Bison’s punish probably wouldn’t have killed. Letting the match go back to full screen neutral would’ve been more dangerous.

The thing is that I wouldnt look only at the damage. Soul throw also gives untechable knockdown, giving you time to setup other things. Also if it gives me a way to save myself from dying because of chip damage I would go for it. Rose took a really big risk because one teleport instead of EX PC from Bison and she would’ve died. Both being at neutral position and fullscreen would be at Rose’s advantage in this situation btw