Soul Calibur IV Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking and Discussi

So I unstuck CFE, DoA4, and UMK Threads for these 2 Threads.

This one’s for XBox 306. Go!


i love my xbox 306. good times with random ppl i played against, and the ronald mcdonald character edit, lulz.

so far the lag has been small lots of scrubby players though…

yea, i got one up on the scrubs (even tho im still noobish) my basic tactics seem to work pretty well. im at level 15. i had to stop since my wrist was acting up.

lol go back to wow you bum.

Don’t be jealous cuz you don’t have a 306 alright?

Anyway GG to people last night who didn’t mash B with Cassandra and Maxi in the 1 second delay.

Played some dope nightmare player. I wish I cared to see who it was.


GG to Pignuttz, too bad he didn’t stick around for more…

ggs to some people I played today. I got to beast with cervy and algol.

GGs Hiko, thanks for joining up mate. Its good to see you back on XBL and its even better to see that there is atleast one game that we are both playing! Hilde looks quite interesting!

Send me an invite anytime :tup:

GGs to Alter Genesis i got pwned i’m trying to learn more stuff with the apprentice he is pretty dope :tup:

GGs to LI Joe aka iloveu dude is a serious MONSTER :tup: :lovin: unlike all those players i play online mashin on b

nothing but…button mashin noobs to me no one knows how to play with maxi…just spam random attacks

hey i got a pretty nice kilik<<my main for now any one wanan ply jsut send me a f request of message leting me know your from srk ok

Ms. Mina and Kilik are ready. amy is being trained :slight_smile:

ggs AlterGenesis, great to finally play you even if the matches were a little one sided sometimes (Taki vs Mina? More like Seung FREE).

I think Page (religionLOL) recorded a few matches but idk if he’ll post them.

Yeah, I’m just really picking everyone. I’m not going to main anyone until I’ve tried all of my options. Most people who play me will see I go through 5-7 characters at any time. Some are way weaker than others. Obviously, no one can be good with 7 characters when playing the game in a week. Although it would be nice. =(

I can never just pick one person, though. I have a serious problem with that. Even in VF5 I just can’t keep using Eileen and I love using her. =/

yo guys just picked up my copy of SCIV and i gotta say its pretty fun to play!

too bad they did away with the custom weapons from create a soul BUMMER i was good with that swordsman style and ninja style. oh wells
ADD ME ill be on mastering yoda and the apprentice, and some MAXI FTW!!

good game chemistren

I just started playing this online a couple nights ago, and my Xbox 306 got a RROD in the middle of a match! I’ll probably be back online in a few days if anyone wants to hit me up (or my gf who is on randomly) for a match. I don’t take this game too seriously though, so don’t look to me for high-level comp.

anyone looking for gg’s not spamming or anything like that hit me
(Karasjet) and let me know your from srk I’ll be online at like 12 est

good games to onishclan yesterday

Good games to Scoot and Gimme, even if you kicked me out in the end.