Soul Calibur IV is Good

…for now. Odds are we’ll be playing some at Zach’s this Friday on 360, so come check it out if you’re interested.

Here’s hoping this one turns out better than SC3.

you got this already?

Your words hold a lot of weight with me Rob. I will try to pick this game up soon.

From what I was hearing, it sounded like they were making an effort this time to make it a serious tournament game.

Soul Caliber is the one 3D fighting game that really holds my interest.

I was almost completely turned off from SC4 when I heard that Yoda and Darth Vader weren’t even going to be in the same game

I mean, what’s the point of having them if they can’t fight each other?! :mad:

But I will play it regardless, I’m not that petty

The consistent rumor is that they will be available as downloadable content on their non-native console.

Oh man that would be some hot fire if true

Unless they make you pay like $15 for them, which wouldn’t surprise me a bit

SC4 is already out.

Rob, tell me you got the 360 version.

I’ll play it. Cassandra. All day.


3B, 236B

i’m horrible at sc IV.

(has the ps triple version.)

The soul still burns

Sadly I am kinda gettin hyped for this game. We’ll see if actually playing the game changes that though.

toss my hat in, played SC4 PS3 on Saturday, i got my ass handed to me but i need to learn the game. gives me a chance to use my 360 stick anyway.

Technically it’s out tomorrow. A few stores broke the street date last week, so I got a chance to play it this past Saturday.

Cut n pasted from another site I go to:

I’ve had the Ps3 version since saturday and so far, I’m enjoying it. I’m unable to to connect to the Online servers for vs play but they probably don’t want people racking up 100’s if not thousands of matches before it hits street date.


1: Game looks fantastic. (it’s presented in 720p on the PS3. Up to 1080p on 360). Note: VF’s character models still look better, especially when it comes to the faces.

2: Might be my choice of character, but the game seems a little slower. I use Taki/Ivy/Mitsurugi.

3: Darth Vader isn’t as broken as I thought he’d be, but The Apprentice sure looks broken.

4: Create a character is cool. You unlock stuff as you play the game more. You start with around 40k which is used to unlock characters/items and such.

5: The mission mode within the game helps you unlock gear/items that can or can’t be bought normally. When doing this mode, you have to use certain characters on different floors in order to unlock stuff (I’m sure of this).

Final score - 9/10

I’ll probably mess with create a character and post something on Youtube.

Any questions, let me know.

can you help me get good at this game?


Gross. Seems like a Rayblade selection though =/.

They gave Taki a nerf Bat : (

ANOTHER ONE?! Man she might have to get dropped =[ who else is tight in that game? But best believe my stick will not be used to input any commands for Yoda and Darth Vader, unless i’m controlling them to fall out of the ring.

GI to B cancel with X edit: I forgot how fucking bomb my sig is on the soulcaibur forums…all the marvel kids need to read that shit and see where Mandel’s passion was so many years ago.

Before you decide that Taki is shit, keep in mind that backdash is nerfed SEVERELY in SC4 which makes pixies harder to get away from.

I’d be interested to know if there’s any slowdown in the 360 version. PS3 version has some slowdown on three of the stages, maybe more. Only in specific spots, but it’s there.

I remember Robert stating that step was broken in SCII. Has step been changed at all?

After reading that Cassandra has some crazy ass multiple 236B combos, I’m very interested in this game. It’s like someone from Namco heard me all those times I was bitching about how the game doesn’t have any combos lol.