Soul Calibur IV Good Games Thread

you know what to do

Is it up?!?!?

Dammit, I have to wait until tuesday =(.



gg’s to Isaac, great connection and a Nasty Raph. We’ll have to play again some time

I’m assuming everyone else is playing all the 1P modes so they can stat their characters up before hitting online.

I played one unranked game so far and I got murdered because I did not even equip my character with any perks or better clothing.

I’ve only been playing standard versus, so I dont think any of that stuff has an effect for me

I’m making sure i’m only playing in games that have special abilities off because you’re only cheating yourself if you win because your equipment is better then the other persons. I really hate some of the alternate costumes people are making because it totally throws me off. I was playing against my friends Voldo and he equipped him with this cool looking helmet. So we’re playing and during the last round I break his helmet and this giant ass orange fro pops out and I’m laughing my ass off at this thing and the next thing I know I’m dead.

watsup fellas im workin on apprentice and mitsurugi as main psn name is shoni2 hit me up if ur down with some practice matches

Good games to a few people today, ranked and unranked. My first few online bouts had some bad lag, but I was able to play with a few people today and it was very smooth. Yeah, I’m only going to be playing Standard battle, probably exclusively.

Does anyone know what those colored boxes mean next to an opponent? I’ve seen people with blue and green boxes, so I’m thinking blue is a great connection, green is average and red is poor?

I’ve still got a lot to learn from this game so I’ll be in the Unranked room till I get more comfortable.

One more note, you can only use your mic in the game lobby.

For connections


I don’t know the rest cause I have’nt had a connection below 4.

GGs KomboKaze!!! Also TheRedCyclone.

Some lag spikes, but pretty much okay. That Taki bastard dude was pissing me the hell off because I was trying to GI 20 times and it wouldnt work!!! I have to get used to the slight lag, but overall its not that bad. At least its better than T5DR lag.

Lots of Mitsu scrubs online… lol.

Truth right there. I’m sick of seeing his 3 different insta lows all day mixed in with A+B mashing

i play on my cousins account cuz he has everything unlocked so the psn name for thatis chilly84 if anyone wanna play jus send me a message or friends requests

Gg angryloster1, you murdered my scrubby ass.

ggs to Hanylokyman and assassin22. Nice CASs, assassin!

Good game Shoni. Those were some of the most epic grab battles in SC history. I like how we did the gopher technique of I grab up duck, you grab I duck. We have to play again soon.

yes good games the gopher style was hilarious got to play again later

gg projo those were some funny matches

Hey guys, This next week I’ll be sending some friend requests. I could totally use some more people to play with. Please feel free to add me too. Ranked matches take too long to do. I’d much rather just play custom games.