Soul Calibur III Stupidity

Ok so everyone has heard about it, but what does everyone think? Of coarse I’m talking about the exclusivity of this title, it really just makes no sense. My conclusion, Namco is just lazy and cheap, and stuck on Sony’s dick like a genital wart. Of coarse this game won’t be online either, no, that would take too much time, money and testing. This game just looks like rehash to me (same as Tekken 5), they could have saved this for the next gen of consoles but they’re obviously making this for the easy money, after all most of the fans don’t seem to care that they are playing the same game with a different number after the name anyway…

Exclusive = big money. Eventhough they’d have “good sales” across the board if they included the xb and gc, they don’t have to worry about the hassles dealing w/the other 2 systems.

Pelvic thrust attack!

I thought it was already established that the reason Namco is going exclusively with Sony is because XBox and Gamecube versions of SC2 didn’t sell nearly as much as the PS2 verion did in Japan.

I think it’s awesome it’s PS2 exclusive. For one, it gives Namco the chance to max out one piece of hardware instead of focusing on three different pieces of hardware at a time. The better reason, two, it’s great to watch Nintendo and MS fanboys cry over it.

Just when I thought this thread would involve mocking those whining about Namco’s decision, it’s yet another grievance thread…

the new girls breast look like they will flop out from under her shirt any second but they never do :sad:

Its really cool to see the Nintendo fanboys whine and cry about it. Its a shame that the majority of nintendo fans are crybabies

Great, now there’s no chance of having to deal with controller converters at tournaments and otherwise.

You and me both, buddy. You and me both.

So what everybody has a ps2.

I’m just guessing that they want to try what they’re doing for tekken 5. You bring your own memory card and can use your customized characters on the arcade, otherwise there’s not much to do with that character if you can’t use it. but hey… it’s just a dumb guess… I don’t even know if t5 came out for any other system. Hell I’m not sure if the customized character means you just get to dress up existing characters already. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t a lot of japanese games on arcades make use of the ps2s memory card? I haven’t seen one machine that makes use of any other memory card from any other system.

Some boards allowed you to use VMU’s, hook up a dc pad/stick amongst other things. Fzero has a slot for gc mem cards as well

in Japan, they had an F-Zero cabinet, where you could upload your customized console car, from your Gamecube mem card…

I’ve seen the fzero machine at funland, but never knew about the gc memory card thing. Guess that pretty much fucks up my theory. Thanks for the info.

There are CvS Pro boards out there(VERY RARE) that accept both VMUs and PS1 Mem cards for custom colors. IIRC they accepted controllers too…I haven’t seen that particular cab in a long time.

Rebirt for the blade

Looks Like there trying to pull a tekken 5 With soul calibur 3
Lets face it tekken 5 and soul calibur 2 were a bit of a dissapointment because they strayed to far from the winning formuale…but with them focusing on the ps2 for launch they can power it up…I meen how many of you honestly thought the ps2 could get tekken 5 looking like Jessica Alba in a hentai vid it just shocked everyone, so maybe they can pull this with soul calibur and bring back the way on the blade…or as maxi would put it nunchuki uki :nunchuck:

whats with the t5 hate? that game is the shit and was different considering its predessor t4 sucked major ass. so it was a big improvement

Funland, London? That machine does have the slot, but it’s disabled so you can’t actaully use it.

Funny, when it’s on the Box, fanboys cream and tell everyone to get a XBox, when the PS2’s maker Sony, (not unlike another company that makes a huge ugly beast of a console) and Namco deside to make the game only for the PS2, Namco is just being “Retarded”.

if you got a XBox, live with it, if you have a PS2, live with it, if you have both, good for you.

This thread sucks.

there better not be any slowdown…like sc2 ps2.