Soul Calibur 4 goes ONLINE


Weeeee, crappy game gets crappier!

Online AND the Create-A-Fighter’s coming back? NICE. Already sounds better than Tekken “we fell off” 6.

Sounds good. Now I’ll just hope for Tekken 6 with online play to reach the Xbox 360… :crybaby:


I heard that SCIII was a piece of crap. I can’t imagine if this is gonna happen with the sequel. Personally I own one and two, never play the third entrie though.

It took them long enough.

Finally. Now let’s hope they can build a playable game this time.

What you mean is, let’s not pull the same shit we’re pulling with Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur 3 where we don’t do testing and “hope” it’s okay.

Oh fuck yeah, they need this shit so badly after 3 it’s unbelievable.

However, this definately makes me want to buy it even more.

Namco finally gets with the program

Namco is Sony’s bitch; don’t count on it.

Namco was Sonys bitch because their of their software selling extremely well on their consoles, nothing more nothing less.

Namco is loyal to no one, so it wouldnt surprise me to see Tekken ported to the 360.

Oh and people that already got EGM (containing a SC4 14-page article) are already pointing things that some might find anoying:

-It seems the health gauge will be changed in some way. Youll be able to be able to beat your oponents without involving the health gauge or Ring outs. WTF.

-SC3 will be taken as the base for SC4.

SC4 going online is the a sign of the ultimate evolution of fighting games. All we need now is an online VF…

“Wait for E3” (?)

Yes Great News!!!


Well, I guess it won’t be such a surprise when they announce online for Tekken 6.

I’m not ecstatic for an online version of what could easily be a glitchy game (they’re still doing that “port directly to home”) thing, but taking a shot at it isn’t bad. Maybe if they get their feet in the water and it isn’t bad, online play can gradually evolve.